About Me

Lyndall McQuinn


My years have taught me quietness. Stillness is the greatest essence.
The passions of my youth are still burning strongly within me as I now create the legacy of my years of studying the occult.
The cauldron is full,
Tarot is my closest friend who has given me the wisdom to guide my life, from childhood to crone.
Astrology explains my energy patterns and the cycles that ebb and flow and illustrate the foundations of what I have to build towards manifesting.
Shamanism is my conclusion of all I have studied. It incorporates the rituals and seasonal environmental knowledge gleaned from Wicca, the meditational techniques and philosophy from Buddhism. Add powerful visioning from ascending and descending the Tree of Life blended with the study of symbols from astrology and magic. Looking for the home for all of this brings me to Mother Power of the feminine held deeply within the earth.
I walk the dark of the mother and the light of the father.
Shamanism is lawless, it allows me to work with what is present at any given moment, in any given space.


As a child, my grandmother gave me a tiny deck of playing cards. I used these cards to tell stories about my dolls and into adolescence my friend’s lives. In my late adolescence I met my first true tarot deck and from there my curiosity of tarot has never ceased.

I have read tarot cards professionally now for forty years. I love the intimacy the tarot creates with the client. I feel honoured to sit quietly in the background of so many lives. I feel like the Keeper of the Secrets. I have been asked to consult on so many of life’s tricky issues, the ones we can’t talk about but in tarot readings we talk about everything. There are no secrets; being allowed to speak truth often frees us from turmoil.

The Tarot is a vital foundation tool to guide the directions of life. I have worked throughout my forty years to move tarot out from the banner of fortune telling or fair ground spaces to a profession of wise counsel. A career to be respected not hidden.

I read to empower the client to create the lives they dream to live by understanding that life isn’t a set of outcomes but an ongoing process of learning and decision making. Decisions made consciously give positive manifestations; unconscious decisions or being controlled by negative patterning gives unexpected outcomes.


I love astrology. There is not a day goes by that astrology does not frame my understandings. To be able to read the stars gives a profound insight into your personal life story and the life story of existence as well. With its patterns and cycles and the amalgamation of all that weaves on given moments, days, months and over years, astrology always tells the story. The challenge is to develop the insight to be able to read it. A heavenly book that never ends with historical knowledge running back through time creating the understanding of the moments that manifest in the present weavings on earth.

Yes its vast. Forty years of this still leaves much unknown.

What I have done in my forty years is develop Shamanic Astrology.

Shamanic astrology is based on traditional astrology but what changes is the client is introduced to experiencing the energy of being inside the astrology chart.

Astrology moves into a living working energetic circuit that explains the make-up of who you are and how you have programmed that set of planetary patterns to create your life. This way of working is therapeutic. If you can experience, speak, feel how a set pattern of planets is performing then the aspect patterns in the chart will tell us how you can rework them.

This type of work is ongoing. The astrology reading becomes many sessions. The role of the astrologer also changes into a guide, together the astrologer and the client move around the wheel, uncovering where beliefs, emotions, and habits are located and deciphering what is the best way to reprogram these beliefs.

Anyone entering my studio space immediately steps inside the astrology wheel. My doorway is the entry. From there the room transfigures into a chart and you can be placed in any part of it that you wish. This technique brings a memorable imprint of the chart to the client, the chart is not outside of them; it is inherent.


In my early twenties I took my first journey to foreign lands. My first stop was Nepal where I met a hub of Tibetian Buddhism. I was fascinated by these people and their teachings which I followed into India. I felt I had been given the key to my mind and through study and practice I found my inner piece.

The second part of this journey took me Africa where a different source of knowledge awoke. Being in a village along Lake Tanganika listening to the drums pounding throughout the night and following the trail of viewing one group of wild animals to the next; the gorillas of Rwanda and bathing in lakes neighboring the hippos to watching lions feed on a baby elephant in the savanna of Kenya, seeing a herd of elephants trudge across the land at sunset to drink from waterholes and the elegant giraffe watching me as I waited for a ride on the side of a highway. Mind blowing and bringing me close to Mother Earth.

This journey brought together the father in heaven with the mind expanding meditations of the Tibetians and our mother who is the earth in unison with our land and animals. This journey was my awakening to spirit journey and explains the duality is what I do. I study the teachings and I then embody them for use in everyday life.


For years I have studied Wicca and lived by ritual and rhythm to the sabbats of the witches year. The knowledge of altars and setting space using directions is the foundation of the work I teach now. Wicca taught me how to build spirit space wherever I was. Spells, affirmation and meditation are the tools used to strengthen the mind. Lunar awareness joins wicca to astrology so guiding my life with knowledge of the moon cycles added to keeping pace with night cycles and solar cycles and knowing when to work with what energy.

My interest in the Wicca morphed into magic where the need for strong mind and the ability to invoke and create ritual continues. The study of the Tree of Life from the Qabala is a study as in depth as astrology and one that I still pursue today. It teaches how to transpire in the unseen worlds and the patterns involved in the unseen worlds.


SHAMANISM is the conclusion. From a myriad of teachings, learning and techniques and for need of a label, shamanism covers all teachings. It also holds no rules of practice. Instead it acknowledges the difference and reality of all space. We meet our life via what we perceive and we choose to participate employing whatever tools we deem necessary. It is better to be free of beliefs as every new situation has its own set of principles. We meet each moment in the purity of what it is.

And then we do our best.
Blessed be.