Shamanic Astrology

April 25, 2010

Shamanic Astrology is the union of shamanism and astrology.

Shamanic astrology turns the astrology wheel into a wheel for ritual and magic.

It is important to turn your attention to the centre of the Astrology Wheel and claim this space. I term this space the Magicians Seat.

Most astrology views the astrology wheel from the outside. Shamanic astrology steps inside the astrology wheel and takes hold of the energy as viewed from the centre of the wheel.

This gives a very different perspective to our astrology pattern.

Each planet is an individual energy available for our use.

We tend to program our energy into set patterning. Not everyone will pattern the energy in the same way. By moving along the lines of energies, the aspect lines, we can begin to verbalise how we are manifesting the energies of specific planets. By taking the symbol of a planet we can visualise how to empower or decrease power to various points on a circuit.

For example a Mars square Saturn opposite Pluto; one person may operate this pattern as Mars first straight across to the opposition of Pluto, action which is destructive to others, which then frustrates at Saturn. Mars to Pluto to Saturn

Person two may run this configuration by responding from frustration they create action which causes destruction to others. Saturn to Mars to Pluto.

The shaman understands that there is an energy pattern or circuit operating. The shaman also realises that if energy travels one way it can also travel in an opposite direction. By movement around the circuit the shaman will find ways of rerouting the energy.

Shamanic astrology operates personally. It is deep, introspective and confronting. My classes work through meditation, movement and writing, From symbol to word to movement is the way of the shaman.

Shamanic astrology also teaches timing . When is the best time to take actions.

It has a great understanding of the Lunar Cycle and how to use the energy available monthly. This opens many doorways both personally and for any external action a shaman may wish to undertake.

The impact of the moon on the population is very visible. Understanding this and working with it in flow rather than reactively brings huge changes to your lifestyle.

Understanding which lunar energy at what specific time of the year effects you the most personally helps you prepare for that time and again curb the reactionary response to your life.

The whole aim of shamanic astrology is to walk within the flow of your energy pattern not in reaction to it.

Key ritual times of the year are also apart of Shamanic Astrology. Concentration is on the eight major ritual doorways of the solstices, equinoxes which are termed the Cardinal rituals and the four major Wiccan rituals, which are termed the fixed rituals. These rituals are turned purely into astrological rituals rather than seasonal rituals. This eliminates the endless debate of hemispheres.

Finally when working with the ritual aspect of Shamanic Astrology I leave open the doorway for finding the mutable rituals. Were they ever present? Have we lost them or were they never invented?

Shamanic Astrology classes deal with putting action in to practice in the outer world. The second space where once we can step in flow and reduce reactionary responses of our personal space, we can work to change the course of the flow consciously in our outer world.

Blessed be.
Lyndall McQuinn.