January 15, 2021


In our natal astrology Venus is the planet that tells us about our desire nature. Yes she tells us about what we want in loving but she also tells us how we aspire to a life that we perceive as abundant.

In this workshop Lyndall will define the Venus circuit in a natal chart. This is an introduction to using circuits in interpreting natal charts. Circuit work is a vital part of Lyndall’s ¬†Shamanic Astrology approach.

She will examine the natal position by house, sign, element and mode which tells you about the instinctive way Venus engages within yourself and with other planets.Then lead you to examining what story you have programmed Venus, what do you tell yourself about love and creating what your abundance dream.

By using movement and experiencing the Venus circuit, we will examine ways to change the dialogue towards manifestation.

Lyndall will be speaking in person on this topic at AANSW meeting in Sydney on May 8.

Drummoyne Community Centre,

10 Cometrowe St, Drummoyne.