September 5, 2017


Shamanic Astrology and the Outer Planets


Over the past twenty -five years I have been developing a method of astrology that I have come to call Shamanic Astrology.Shamanic Astrology is a type of astro-therapy. This work is not about a one off astrology sessions; working with astrology from a Shamanic perspective requires a client to commit to ongoing sessions.

When we speak of our aspects we are telling others the piece we are integrating; the parts of the chart that we are bringing into awareness, but those pieces will be connected to other planets that can tell us how we can expand our awareness of the cycle we are actually bringing to focus and thus unblock our energetic flow. It is one thing to know what the aspects of your chart are; and a totally different perspective to want to change them.

Astrological Temples is an intensive Shamanic Astrology program focused on the four outer planets of Chiron, Uranus, Neptune and Pluto. These four planets colour how we express our personal planets. Within each of these planets are held filters of how we view things. They are archetypal expressions of energies that are common to all of us. They also define the learning patterns of each generation.

Astrological Temples is based on visioning technique. The concept of creating inner temples and correlating data found in them is a path-working technique. In these path workings I explore each planet as a unique temple.

The concept of the temples is to work with the outer planets in a dissecting framework. Most inner temple work uses a centre to hold the space and the directions expand awareness to make things broader.

The layout of the temples that I am using comes from the work of Lynn Andrews Power Deck. This layout further unfolds the visions by using the

  • South is placement of the child self; trust and innocence and fire
  • West is adolescent; sacred dream and water
  • North is adult; strength and wisdom and earth
  • East is ancestor; place of illumination and air.

In these path workings we are looking at the energies of the outer planets with regard to specific developmental aspects of our lives and through an elemental lens.

  • We begin to create the temples one by one.
  • Creating an inner altar space for each of the four outer planets we are working with.
  • Discussing the expression of the planet with regard to process within growth cycle.
  • Experiencing personal reaction to each of the four processes of the growth cycle by visioning each direction of the temple.
  • Concluding by reframing your knowledge of outer planets in your circuit in the birth chart.

The Astrological Temples gives us a place to reflect and vision how our outer planets affect our personal birth charts and us as a generation. It takes the time to experience and perceive these energies from a perspective of process. It allows us to see the enlightenment they offer and the shadows they camouflage. The Temples also allow us to view our stages of development giving us approval and awareness of how we are both young and old in our perceptions of life.