Shamanic Astrology

June 3, 2016


I found the Shamanic Astro Journey with Lyndall deeply transformative.  For 6 weeks Lyndall held the space as I journeyed through my natal chart. Her friendly face and caring nature allowed me to open up and explore the deep recesses of my psyche.  Every week we explored my chart, shining a light on the source of deep seeded unconscious patterns. I cried, I laughed and every week my session concluded with a mantra to assist me through the week ie. “I am not my mother” “I attract loving partners.” My perspective towards certain situations began to change and more importantly my relationship to myself got real!   This journey has been profound. I have a long way to go but it’s nice to know I’m on my way. Thank you for your wise council Lyndall.



What a gift it has been to work with Lyndall and her Shamanic astrology. Lyndall has brought light into the darkest corners of my natal chart, shining awareness into places I did not want to go in the past and had often rejected. Now I am growing into the potential of my chart as Lyndall assists me to embody the magic of all the planetary power within. Janice Jones.