September 3, 2016



SEPTEMBER begins the the time for Tarot Quest.

Tarot Quest is a four part program run by Lyndall. It is based on setting goals and targets for the next twelve months. It uses four different Tarot Spreads.

The first Merlin’s Mirror is a check on who we are in the beginning moment. It analyses Who we think we are, what we are projecting and who we really are. This is a profound reading to begin the Quest.

The second reading is the Seasons of the Witches spread which uses the eight sabbaths as a guide to mark milestones in the coming twelve months.

The third reading is the Nine Fold Muse which marks the plans for beginning. It breaks down the planning process and highlights the strengths and the weaknesses in our projects.

Lastly we look at the horoscope spread to give us an idea of where the major changes in our life can and will occur.

This Quest is run in four sessions. It can be done in four individual sessions with Lyndall or four Skype sessions.

It can also be run as an intensive in Daylesford, over two days of 2×1 hour sessions.

To enrol contact Lyndall McQuinn

0428 425 923.