October 8, 2018


The days of the Quest are a time to reflect and plan: to emerge stronger in resolve as to where you will guide your life path. These four tarot readings take us on a journey to examine from what point we are beginning and how over a twelve -month period we plan to implement our strategies. After deciding what the strategy is we look at how to commence and implement this blueprint. Lastly we review where your life is poised at the moment that you are stepping out. To begin. These four sessions guide our actions over the period of the twelve months.

We use Tarot to plot the journey; via four different readings we explore the terrain of our year ahead.  Ideally this is a spring retreat if we work with the seasonal integrity of the year. Believing that new seeds and ideas blossom with spring and summer is the time to build, autumn asks us to assess and reap the harvest of our planning, whilst winter lets us review and replan. This quest is the time to begin with our new plans and structures; it is a quest for action.

If we work the Tarot Quest in winter, we are working in our time of replenishing and reviewing, which is also a good time to quest but may have a slightly different focus. The winter quest is waiting a time for action.


The Quest begins with the delightfully analytical Merlin’s Mirror from the Hallowquest. This reading takes us into our own depths. It is a reading set out in three sections through which to view our selves.

Section 1 looks at our projections – whom do we want to be seen as at the present moment and who we are presenting to the world. We discuss what is our current projection and why is it there.

Section 2 highlights the dreamer concept. What do we want to do what is the projection forward of what we are trying to manifest.

Section 3.  examines who is the real you ; and what are the soul aspects of yourself and the truths underlying the other two projections.

This is a deeply complex reading that reveals much about our inner workings.


The Seasons of The Witches uses the eight sabbats of the witche’s calendar for its placements. This spread is a planning spread. The four Solstices and Equinoxes are times of action as they are the cardinal ritual points.  Cardinal ritual points are times to create the change.

The Cross Quarters or the fixed rituals mark the times of review. This spread has definite dates that reflect significant ritual periods and a spread to reflect a twelve -month plan.  This is the spread that guides throughout the twelve -month period. It shows us the times to manifest and the time to review. These dates associated with the sabbats can be a great time to create ceremony to mark consciously the directions you wish to go in.


Back to the Hallowquest  for the Nine fold Muse. The spread brings into focus the actions we are taking on any project. It takes us into the pieces that we need to consider in the building of our projects. It breaks down our actions into nine components that we need to empower. The reading is about creating projects and the ingredients involved in the creation process and invoking energies to empower the vision. It highlights the strengths and the weaknesses in our creations.


The Tarot Quest ends with the Horoscope Spread. This spread is gives us the overview of where our life is poised at any given point in time. This is a wonderful check into the NOW spread. It gives us a broader picture of where our major focus should be. Sometimes what we focus on is not the major area of concern. Every facet of our lives is viewed and we can see as we prepare to leave where to initially put in our efforts to create a holistic life style.

The days of the Tarot Quest take us on journey. We begin by looking deeply at where we are at present and where we think we might like to be. We then plan for our futures and focus on our creations. Finally we conclude by doing an overview of where our life is sitting. Not just in the areas of planning but as a whole. The days of the Quest are a time to reflect and plan to emerge stronger in resolve and with a clear understanding of where our life is moving. You become the creator with conscious focus on the ideas that you wish for your life path.  You guide your path towards the concepts that you wish to manifest.

Blessed be.

©Lyndall McQuinn