Winter Astrology 2016

June 3, 2016


Winter begins with a T Square in the mutable signs. The make-up of this square is Saturn in Sagittarius, Jupiter in Virgo and Neptune in Pisces. This means all these planets are affecting each other and causing chaos and mayhem in the stories of our lives. This is a time when the bizarre and unlikely blend in an inner dance leaving us wondering where the boundaries are for our sanity. So expect the unexpected and yes that crazy hunch you have about the circumstances in your life is most likely correct. Saturn and Neptune will continue united until the end of winter and in traditional astrology they can signify anxiety as our boundaries continually continue to dissolve; however they can also signify disciplining your dreams.
Jupiter will unhook from this interplay and join forces with Pluto in Capricorn by the end of June and beginning of July. These two: Jupiter and Pluto, are usually indicative of power so this is a chance to empower your dreams and visions in ways that did not seem possible. Both of these planets are in earth signs so there is a chance of hitting the ground and re-establishing situations that seem to be destroyed. All this with winter’s backdrop makes for a challenging period. The most affected signs will be the mutable signs, Gemini, Sagittarius, Pisces and Virgo and the earth signs Capricorn, Virgo and Taurus.

Pisces; this year has been tough and will remain a challenge but offers opportunities to organize and structure fabulous possibilities if you can hold the focus on your path and not get swept up in the improbable paths of others. Always look for the undercurrent. Question of winter is: So what is going on here? Is it fact or fiction?

Virgo; life is fast and frisky, with confusion at the start of winter and strength and solidity by the end. In fact this could be a time when you feel stronger than you have felt in a long time as the season goes on. Your saying is; Ground the dream. Sort fact from fantasy.

Sagittarius you seem to be caught up in the establishment and the duty and routines of the hum-drum world which is not your favourite place. However the longer you stay put the more gets built even though it can make you anxious that your life has become limited.

Gemini you have the back wash of all these energies and as long as you remain dexterous and light of foot you may well be able to dance through the winter taking a piece from everywhere, a new spiritual belief, new structures and a sense of empowerment. Good luck. Dark Moon in Gemini on June 5 is a good time to discard and clear ready for the new.

Capricorn the connection of the depth of Pluto to Jupiter is a blast for your sign. It allows you to expand and climb strongly which is what you love to do. You may have a renewed approach to life but the climbing has never left, so goats, back on the trail and lets see how far we ascend this winter. Remember it’s not always wise to leave your cards on the table. Look forward to your full moon on July 20th to give you a glimpse through the clouds.

Cancer winter is always your time, as most of the personal planets spend a moment in Cancer over winter. So refresh your communication skills, your beautiful looks and check to see if your heart is in your life especially on dark moon July 4th. Three planets flow into your sign from other water signs this winter, Mars, Neptune and Chiron so be ready to listen to energy levels. Those long lie-ins may be a message from the psychic.

Aries still in the washing machine, with Uranus sprucing up and redecorating your life all rather quickly but Saturn in Sagittarius can be providing the stability you need for a minute. It could also be the authority figures that keep putting in the blocks to slow you down and remind you that planet Earth is actually your space at present.

Libra, all seems well except for the unexpected changes that come from others that leave you altering your plans and discombobulated. If left to your own devices, life is great; when dealing with other life is uncertain. Lesson: take your own wise counsel.

Taurus well you are one of the earth signs with a flow on from Jupiter and Pluto so this is plow on powerfully especially in the business arena. This is a time when you can make an impact and empower the empire. Capricorns Full Moon on July 20 may be a pinnacle point.

Scorpio a revisit from Mars in your sign through most of winter is a recap of things begun in summer and early autumn. This can give you a lot of energy to push forward on projects or it can bring back conflicts that you thought you had dealt with but here they are again. I think it might be wise for you also to take a second look at situations to determine just exactly what is lying underneath.

Leo you have the flow of fire energy coming from both Uranus in Aries and Sagittarius Saturn. This allows you to stay in your happy land and use the Uranus to innovate and the Saturn to structure. August 3 dark moon is a review time for you.

Aquarius: Your full moon is at the end of winter, and you are managing to duck the difficult energies of the outer planets. You can use the Saturn to help you ground and discipline and Pluto next door to empower, or you can reach into Pisces to rest and heal. Lots of options for your winter break.

Enjoy and blessings

© Lyndall McQuinn