January 11, 2021

2021 may have begun with the Great Conjunction of Jupiter and Saturn but Juoiter is only in orb to Saturn for a brief period of time. Jupiter is on a mission and is speeding through Aquarius leaving her dance with Saturn in January of 2021.

So what did we see of that conjunction? Well the virus amped up with new strains spreading more rapidly. We also saw a speed up of vaccines, as countries vaccinate the masses as quickly as they can. Speed up is I think the story of the Great Conjunction. and the beginning of 2021 We are on a rapid course to begin a New World.

Both Jupiter and Saturn are now in Aquarius and will be all year except for Jupiter’s quick visit to Pisces in late May to the end of July.  There are two eclipses corresponding to these months so I see them as a turning point Those two months may indicate the chaos that our new world is dealing with but Jupiter then returns to Aquaruis to finish whatever she began.

What could Saturn and Jupiter do in Aquarius?

They speak loudly to me of technology and as the necessity of 2020 was to become more reliant on technology, I expect this and the inventions related to this sector to be high -lighted. The technology business sector of the economy grew profoundly in 2020 and I believe this will consolidate. As Jupiter moves forward faster than Saturn churning up the possibilities and sorting through the legal dilemmas, Saturn plods behind placing infrastructure and replacing old systems with new concepts. Do they work or are they built on theories, Jupiter’s visit to Pisces will show us? Have we created genius or chaos?

May to July turns us back, to retrace our steps and rethink and reinvent the concepts of the New World. Nobody can expect us to get it right first go. The questions that may arise here are

  • What is most messy? Where is the chaos at its most and how does this affect the world order?
  • Did we include spirit in our inventions? By spirit I mean planetary and humanity well- being. Both Pisces and Aquarius are inclusive of spirit.
  • How can we move around the planet? The eclipses are highlighting Sagittarius/Gemini axis. –So global travel may be in focus

The outer planets in 2021 create two clusters.

  1. Saturn in Aquarius/Uranus in Taurus/ Chiron in Aries.
  2. Jupiter in Aquarius/Neptune in Pisces/ Pluto in Capricorn.


Throughout 2021 Saturn’s more prevalent travelling companions are Uranus in Taurus in square and Chiron in Aries in sextile. The nodes also weave with these three from March to the end of July. So let’s leave Jupiter to dash on and stop and examine what lies in this story?

Saturn and Uranus are in square from late January to Late July, take a brief break and stage 2 begins in November and December2021.

These two are very different energies. Saturn is our structures and the world order which is in Aquarius so less conservative than it has been in Capricorn but can tend toward dogmatism and rigidity of thinking as Aquarius although not conservative is a fixed thinking sign. I believe our governments will stretch to new ideologies but fixate on set pathways before contemplating the big picture. If many of our world leaders are in line with their beliefs on the way forward, then we can see here new practices inhabiting our earth. If there is a clash of beliefs, then its stale mate as many sides can hold views fanatically.

Add Uranus in square from Taurus another fixed sign. Uranus in the past three years has been trying to alter the financial structures and wealth of humanity. Uranus isn’t an energy to sit around and talk, it pushes ahead with change. Linked to the Saturn in Aquarius then we can see the introduction of technology to our financial systems, ie the end of cash, and the use of technological currencies. This isn’t new, we have been developing these concepts more rapidly since Uranus has been in Taurus since May 2018.

Working together in a harmonious way would enhance further fast changes but these two via the square are tending to butt heads, therefore our trade issues are surfacing. Both these energies are determined, have the strength of perseverance, can be very irritable and in extreme cases can be violent.

[1]They require us to be able to overcome difficulties in dangerous situations.

They also indicate rising up and unrest at restrictions being opposed on the masses. This is not a time where limiting people’s freedoms are a great idea.

Until July, governments negotiating financial deals with other nations need to be skilled at balancing differing viewpoints and they also need to be listening to the undercurrents in their own people.  Dictatorial, self-righteous ideologies are likely to be challenged.

What is certain though, Uranus liberates and creates change and once done there is no going back. These changes are focussed on world structure and creating New World Order both governmentally and from the masses.


Chiron is also walking in this story as it is in sextile to Saturn all year and semi-sextile Uranus, Chiron is lending a healing hand here. The greater opportunity lies with Saturn, possibly asking for a healing content in our New World. Chiron and Saturn are compatible in these signs, Aquarius and Aries respectively, Chiron supports the healing of our structures and order, however in Aries it’s in the sign of the warrior therefore Chiron means action. It helps break down the boundaries of fear and rigidity. This bodes well for environmental issues or at the very least of putting them equally on the agenda with the economy represented here by Uranus in Taurus. The battle will be to find a middle ground, between economy and planetary wellness this may well be the major battle of 2021, as it has been the silent battle for years.

We can’t leave Chiron without mentioning the pandemic. Chiron was in these degrees during the Spanish Flu so this year as it aids both Saturn and Uranus, and if it represents COVID then we see it is changing structures probably to accommodate COVID’S presence, and being an influence in the changes that occurs globally. Chiron in Aries is a warrior that wants action to our problems and its influence is all year.


While Saturn/Uranus/Chiron are the battlefield of 2021, Jupiter/Neptune and Pluto are the quieter undercurrent.

Neptune and Pluto are sextile from May for the rest of the year. This is a subtle under- current but Neptune is definitely associated with illness and vaccines and is coupled with Pluto who loves to get to the bottom of things. Pluto works to transform and Neptune works to illuminate or Pluto will spew forth the shadows and Neptune will shift veils to deny them, as the shadowy disguise is power and deceit respectively. This is a nebulous duo operating in an opportunistic aspect.

Either way they offer us an opportunity to delve deeply and insightfully into situations that need wisdom, and new perspective.

Every time Jupiter joins them, which is in March and April and then Aug to Dec with Pluto, they are susceptible to being uncovered. This could be a time of law suits and calling those of power to be accountable for their decisions.

There is definitely a lovely spirt vibration that can also spring from Jupiter/Neptune/Pluto. These three together focus on creating new visions, and have an optimism towards the future. Jupiter and Pluto concentrate on power and leadership, so maybe throughout 2021 we will see people of great vision step forward with speculative solutions which challenge the old order to include more insight and vision for a healthy future.

The nodal axis is also very operative throughout 2021.In January the nodes square Neptune which we are living now and represents the uncertainity of the virus and its spreading, its new strains and the impact of the vaccinations. In February the nodes trine Jupiter which means we as a globe are more optimistic about the virus and the success of the vaccines. By the end of March the nodal focus is on the Saturn. Uranus and Chiron cluster and it stays within orb of this until the end of June. So maybe there is less focus on the virus and more focus on how the world now functions.

Blessed Be Lyndall McQuinn.


[1] Reinhold Ebertain – The Combination of Stellar Influences p184