Autumn Astrology 2014

March 1, 2014

Autumn will certainly be a lunar roller coaster.  As in the summer, we have a repeat performance of the two dark moons falling in the same month. The second of these moons is called the Black Moon. It occurs on March 30.

Then in April we have a month of eclipses on the both dark and full moons. The eclipses are in Libra and Taurus. All this phenomena just adds intensity to our lunar world, which is the night aspect of us as opposed to the solar self, illuminated by the sun signs.

May’s moons are without anything unusual.

Scorpio peaks at the May full moon. Progress has been grand for Scorpio but a sense of repeating the same old stuff creeps in until Spring. Maybe the May full moon will bring the old habits to light.

Taurus  may be weighed down by people of authority and their rules and regulations. Putting your head down and pushing may not work here. The dark moon eclipse on April 29 may help you see below the surface.

Aries moves on quickly. Quite amazing occurrences can present for Aries especially those born between March 31 and April 6. Dream big, it is time to change so don’t spoil it by hanging onto outmoded life patterns.

Libra you too can benefit from the fast moving energy probably instigated by others who move into your circles. You have the full moon eclipse in your sign so this can be a time of brilliant insight. Changes instigated by others can revolutionise your life.

Pisces may be totally exasperated from going with the flow in autumn. So many planets visit your sign during this time; Sun, Mercury, Venus and add the two outer ones, Neptune and Chiron; there for a few years and Jupiter washing more water your way amplifying everything. Swim, swim on. Directions are hard to find. Any shore for a rest will look good.

Virgo has been anxious. It’s a combination of too busy to rest and with the flow across the wheel from Chiron and Neptune in Pisces, which brings in others who turn your plans to slush, especially effecting the 26-31 Aug and 4-9 Sep Virgo’s. The March full moon is yours to re-examine what is relevant to your hectic world.

Gemini; autumn is relatively painless. Winter will be more your time. The dark moon on May 28 marks the beginning of your productivity. So while you wait grab a little inspiration from Neptune and a burst of excitement from Uranus, which will flow quite easily into your profile.

Sagittarius: Does anything every stop Sagittarius? Certainly not the Uranian revolutionary energy coming smoothly from Aries, to Sagittarians born Dec 3-9 making easy changes for this group. Sagittarians born earlier have made their changes in 2013 and now have to structure and deal with the fine-tuning. Not what you like to do? You can feel sandwiched between figures of control on one side and power on the other.

Cancer:   Oh dear Cancer-still dealing with Jupiter; big abundant, overwhelming Jupiter. So much emotion- so much to care about- so much food or weight, feeling like a huge balloon ready to be pricked. Well this is your last season of Jupiter; it’s off to Leo in winter. So send it off with a fanfare.

Capricorn, Pluto is still plundering through your sign. Deeply moving those with Jan 2-4 birthdays. The backwash from Jupiter flows directly across to you from Cancer so there are ample opportunities available if you can take hold of them. The Uranus energy in Aries though causes you to feel like you are looking over your shoulder. Much is happening but it is very difficult to control it.

Leo: Yo ho ho Leo. Does anything destabilise your stance?  Energy levels are high, new ideas are great and original; Jupiter is heading your way in winter which will pick you up and create opportunities. So keep planning and creating – the wave to ride is approaching.

Aquarius: Ideas are flowing and you may have the energy to put things into practice. New friends and relationships are a great inspiration and maybe give you the impetus to move forward. Be inspired by those who dream and leave behind those who are skeptical of your endeavors.

Autumn blessings to you all.  Lyndall McQuinn- 0428 425 923.