March 1, 2019

Autumn offers a sense of long lasting changes. In this season Saturn creeps closer to Pluto leaving a gap of three degrees. Pluto and Saturn create a dance of power and authority. 

It is also the season where Chiron and Uranus move to their new signs to stay for the next seven years, highlighting the signs of Aries and Taurus. Mercury will also be retrograde for most of March in Pisces and stays in Pisces for half of April. And Libra will host two full moons.

This means our Capricorn friends, especially those born the 8thto the 15thof January, have double the influence really pressing the point of the issues, most likely relating to control and power. Then both these planets, will be in retrograde motion so they will travel back over old ground that was thought to be completed. Slow and steady is the progress.

Cancer you have the spin off from the approaching conjunction of Pluto and Saturn in opposition.  This can bring in testing relationships and maybe the lesson of needing to be the nurturer can become a choice. It may also be a slippery slope of navigating when to take the authority stance and when to tread wearily. 

Chiron moves to Aries giving it a mood of; enough sitting around let’s get moving. Aries is likely to push forward spontaneously with action rather than sitting and waiting. There can be a burst of independence and time to remedy obstacles that inhibit the path. Chiron functions here as a warrior; so the impatience to clear the debris and move on is apparent.

Libra has influences directed at it from many fronts. It may be a time when you can heal the differences between others. It can also mean to do so you have to confront not so pleasing aspects of your behaviour that may or may not have been misinterpreted. Two Full Moons for you Libra; so there is much to come to light.

Taurus, Uranus is back. Taureans are not change people but change is coming. In Autumn this mainly affects birthdays of April Taureans. This suggests this is a great time to prepare for change, dig out those dreams that have been buried into the drudge of everyday and dust them off. Mars is in your sign meaning things get done with effort.

Scorpio you can be surprised by whom bounces into your life with seemingly little effort. Your ruler in Capricorn lets you get things organized quite easily. All flows deeply forward with a brief glimpse into the overview at the May 19 Full Moon.  Any alterations can be made then before winter begins. Don’t forget to assure the financial details are in place.

Aquarius this may be a time of reevaluating just where the boundaries are between what you offer to others and what your personal needs might be. New dreams and goals for creating the financial dreams that you require may evolve but there is a need to ground the concepts.

Leo your creative urges are brewing but your drive to be noticed is not. Travel is healing; learning and studying for your own creative needs fulfill you or just letting yourself rest and mingle quietly in smaller groups is the space for you. Leo is recuperating and attending to their own well being.

Sagittarius is alive and feisty. Jupiter has been zooming through your sign but is going to turn retrograde so all the fast moving wonderful ideas may have a slight review.  Maybe practicality facets arise asking you to be cost effective with your plans or maybe the speed of change has left you a little insecure.  The focus is not the actual manifestation, but the uplifting expansion it brings to your life.

Gemini this can be a confusing time with regard your life directions but a healing time with friends and possible others who step in to offer partnerships that help out with the confusion.  None of this needs to be long term but having circles of positive people around is a great space.

Pisces is feeling clearer about themselves. There can be extensive changes to friendships that leave you feeling uncomfortable or oppressed. There is no longer a need to have others set the boundaries. As Mercury retrogrades in your sign for the beginning of Autumn, you revise your communication techniques to get your thoughts across. There are many opportunities on the career front that offer you breadth of vision and heal your financial visions. A new confidence is opening in Pisces.

Virgo; life is feeling expansive as goals for either your living abode or travel are coming into being. Autumn is more about the dreaming and wishful thinking than the creating. Still all manifestation begins in the dreaming.  It’s very healing to dream especially when the dream includes the intimacy of others. 

Lyndall McQuinn.