March 5, 2020


Capricorn is still dominating the astro sky . It now has five planets transiting through the sign having an impact in the early, mid and late degrees so all Capricorns are changing and redefining their lives.

Pluto and Saturn have been together over summer and we can see the impact of them highlighting the destructive elements of our structures and our earth but also combining with Jupiter /Neptune bringing us a virus that threatens to shut down global movement and destroy the markets for the moment.

Saturn is now moving away from Pluto and during April enters Aquarius, offering our Aquarians and hopefully humanity an opportunity to ground and structure some of their far reaching concepts; concepts that are aimed at bigger picture consciousness that Aquarius symbolises rather than financial growth focus of Capricorn.

Meanwhile back in Capricorn both Jupiter and Mars will touch base with Pluto. So expect the toxicity to expand and ignite. This doesn’t bode well for curtailing the virus. March is the climax of this dance. Mars with Jupiter offers high energy but also but expansive infections.

Mars then heads off into Aquarius in April and will join Saturn and these two are great builders. Saturn always brings a reality check and although frustrating can discipline Mars towards constructive action.  So April is a time of controlling influences starting to impact on the roller coaster of 2020, or at least the development of ideas that can contain the destructive forces at play.

Jupiter is going to stay in Capricorn and turn backwards over ground that’s already been covered just to make sure we have dug out all the dross. She will keep Pluto company for much of the year which offers powerful opportunity to create change one way or another; definitely not low impact.

We are all existing in an intense and unstable period.


Capricorn anything goes. This is a time of huge changes and upheaval a total rethink of how you define life. There are moments of action and diversification and moments of a deep underlying need to transform.

Cancer you are in the back-wash from the Capricorn and generally for you this is a great time of changes because things flow in your directions. You may be busy and changing facets of your life but the changes are setting you up for the dreams you want to manifest.

Aquarius: Saturn and Mars are coming your way. April is your time to launch and start building the plans that you have visualized for many years. You are likely to feel the plans are within reach and more realistic than they have ever been. At this point the effect is felt by those born in the early Aquarian degrees.

Leo is happy and quiet for Leo. Energy comes in spurts, at times you feel like expanding and ambitious and at other times you just want to drift.  You are trying to find the perfect blend of work/life.

Pisces Autumn is always confusing for you as many personal planets move through your sign over autumn. Adding extra Pisces energy to Pisces doesn’t necessarily energise, it can just overload and make you either tired or dreamy. So allow the space to drift and dream, this is not wasted time this is creation time.

Virgo: There is a grand earth trine available for some Virgos and this gives the energy and drive to build and flow quickly. An element of this trine can feel highly anxious but the changes that you press on to make are totally liberating. There is just a need to tend to your nervous system and your physical needs.

Aries: busy but a little lost. When isn’t Aries busy and it is certainly a time when you can sort out career options and ideas but underlying this is the awareness of  often unconscious taunts that keep turning or refining your ideas. They tend to thwart your focus right now.

Libra: relationships are your source of anguish. They often are but this is a time when you can see many unhealthy aspects to your relationships and a time of rethinking who you are and what do you need?  If you have lost yourself within relationships then you may need some time alone to realign. Family life can be intense.

Taurus. April born Taurians have a year of changes which usually makes Taurus uncomfortable but its time. The changes can bring travel or new learning or study that actually once set up are refreshing and offer new friendships as old friendships are proving elusive.

Scorpio: is in search of their tribe or community. Where do you want to be?  People and defining yourself via the people are what’s important for our solitary Scorpios. Your relationships to all others, lovers, partners, work colleagues and community are moving around.  This is leading to a settled sense of where I want to be.

Gemini: is restless and a bit uncomfortable; something is trying to change deep within. Work is a little uninspiring and you need others to help ground the new concepts you may like to build. Partnership with others offers inspiration but challenges.

Sagittarius: is ready to create wealth. Speculative ideas are more likely to bring results right now and there is a settled sense of hard work pays off.  Dealing with co -workers is often disruptive especially if they encroach on your territory. It’s difficult to keep the independence you like in work-spaces.

Blessed Be

Lyndall McQuinn