February 26, 2021


All the astrological news has been focussed on AQUARIUS. Not only do we have both Jupiter and Saturn in this sign, but we had a line up of three personal planets there as well. One of which was Mercury who retrograded through the sign. So Aquarians this is your moment in time. Jupiter will offer many possibilities to Aquarians but as you tend to have many plans at the best of times it may just make your cosmos bigger. Luckily Saturn is also winding its way through the sign and it brings groundedness and practicality. So, the Aquarians born between the 20th Jan and the 2nd of Feb you have a very productive year. The rest of you will need to wait until 2022 to get your plans in place. Meanwhile it is time to explore options.

PISCES You can also share some of the spotlight as Jupiter will enter your sign mid -May. This will only be a brief flash for a couple of months before it retrogrades back to Aquarius, but it is a glimpse of what is to come in 2022.Jupiter in Pisces has huge potential of creating new visions equally balanced by the shadows of massive chaos and legal deceptions. Given Neptune is crawling through Pisces as well, means both rulers of Pisces are in their home sign. This is a great opportunity for Pisces to touch base with the essence of what the Pisces energy is really about. Pisces flows with the currents of each day and can reach many dimensions all at the same time. Perhaps this is a portal for the weaving of visions both personally and globally.

The other big story of Autumn is the square between Saturn in Aquarius and Uranus in Taurus in very close aspect. Being fixed signs, we expect there to be friction.

TAURUS doesn’t like to change rapidly while Uranus brings energy that forces change. Taurus like Aquarius will have the personal planets also visiting late Autumn, so where we have seen the focus on Aquarius late summer/early Autumn the focus will shift to Taurus late Autumn. This battle between changes (Taurus)and beliefs (Aquarius) walks a finely balanced ravine. Taurus also has a lunar component of dark and full moon cycle so it really takes Taurus to the depths to review what changes exactly they may want to make. Better to be your decision than to have no choices at all.

LEO and SCORPIO are the signs in opposition to the Aquarius and Taurus story. This means they are deeply affected by this story but aren’t the initiators.

LEO could well be impacted through their partnerships and work colleagues being forced to participate in changes or beliefs they really don’t adhere too. In fact, Leo has probably adopted an isolated type of approach allowing the world to be “over there”.

SCORPIO is more personally impacted as the changes brought about by the “times” we are in is more likely to impact on family and loved ones causing a deep emotive response both personally and collectively from the community. Scorpio sensitivity could be bombarded by community undercurrents.  There may also be situations about past security issues arise so it’s difficult for Scorpio to find emotional space.

Our third player in this story comes from Chiron in ARIES who is a warrior stuck somewhere between the Aquarius and Taurus battle. Chiron has been causing Aries pain because it has pulled our fast, moving knights to a stand- still to peruse why they gallop along so quickly and who have they missed along the way. Chiron is interesting in Aries because it is a planet of stillness but in a sign that likes movement and change. It also is the prod to move the fixed stand-offs between Taurus and Aquarius along. Too much oppression causes Aries reaction.

LIBRA you are tired of listening to others’ wounds and bearing the brunt of underlying issues in the family and are ready to use the Aquarius and Pisces combination to help you return to creating. You may just enjoy the groups that drift around you and allow yourself to surrender to your creative soul. Take a break from relationships that wound you.

GEMINI is also in motion as Mars visits for most of March until end of April and given the North Node is also here this means there is energy to get ideas into action pronto. Quick and speedy is Gemini mode of operating and both Jupiter and Saturn trine this from Aquarius so plans can have a bigger scope than usual. Saturn helps with the disciple to get results.

SAGITTARIUS benefits from a Mars opposition where others may inspire action and there is also contact from Jupiter/Saturn placing you in the community around you. Busyness is your forte and an eclipse on your full moon in May brings clarity of what is and isn’t working.  Contacts from the past may revisit to clear old differences.

CANCER life starts up for you in late April and throughout May when Mars enters Cancer. This is when we see you take action arising the deeply emotive time you’ve had with often others’ pain and troubles. Maybe you are realising there is a need to switch off from the pain of others even though you love to nurture and create the space you need for yourself. Study is a great enhancer.

CAPRICORN Life has quietened down for you. Pluto is left at the end of your sign so still creating deep change for those born at the end of Capricorn-16th to 20th of January. Pluto is dancing with the gentle energies of Neptune where the impact is more subtle and Jupiter in Aquarius. These three are weaving a powerful vision story which could well fly under the radar. So Capricorn after being totally oppressed in 2020 is now weaving idealistic wonder of a new way of being. Harbingers of hope.

VIRGO things are working for you in all areas. It’s great to be in love, inventive to be working and many options are driving you crazy with what to do next. This is an optimistic time for you even though you sense there are some undercurrents that need your attention. This is a period where you can sense a deep impression of truly being your unique self.

Blessed be

Lyndall McQuinn