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June 2, 2013


If you have the view that winter begins when June does then the first astrological phenomen will be the dark moon in Gemini on June 8. Well from my perceptions Gemini’s are being thrown around in a myriad of whirlwinds at the moment. Jupiter is progressing through this sign and will leave it as from the end of June. The influence of Jupiter tends to expand whatever it is near so in the case of Gemini that is usually their thinking.  Many Gemini life paths have suddenly diverted off into new and unknown terrain and Gemini seems to be chasing along behind . The dark moon may give them time to peruse and regroup.

Sagittarius has just experienced the full moon eclipse prior to the beginning of winter on May 25th. This could also be a sudden jolt or wake up call, which could also see the following dark moon in early June as an inner time to redress and rethink your directions.

Cancer will have their turn for abundance as Jupiter moves into their sign at the end of June and will be their for approximately a year. So this is time to cultivate your abundance programs. Use this energy wisely.  As Jupiter can lead to excess, the Cancerian excess tends to be watery which is emotional so abundant emotion would be the aspiration. Let’s celebrate birthdays which all fall in winter to the fullest, fall romantically in love and generally bathe in happiness.

Capricorn is still amazing themselves with their inner transformation they are uncovering due to the dig and delve effect of Pluto dredging through their sign.  Not only is Pluto demanding to look deep within, Jupiter across in Cancer will also produce an expansive view for better or worse and Uranus is throwing thunderbolts from Aries. This is all very proactive and profound for our usually conservative Cappys.

Leo, you to can draw on the Uranus thunderbolts being thrown out of Aries, in a measure to liberate the creator in you.  This energy will flow easily into your life, the only snag may be if you are quite happy with how things are and aren’t anticipating a wild Arien thunderbolt. As with all things Uranian go with the flow because you certainly can’t halt it.  The dark moon in August in your sign may give you some down time.

Aquarius you are going to experience a Blue Moon. Yes you have two full moons in your sign, one in July and one in August.  Wow it is all happening on a lunar level. Eclipses in May and Blue Moon in August. Well you know what they say; Once in a blue moon ………….- Aquarius complete the sentence. Why not have a once in a blue moon experience?

Virgo;  Don’t feel left out of all the hurley burly of those thunderbolts; your influences are quiet and gentle if not slightly confused. This is not generated by your sign but is coming across the zodiac from Pisces where Neptune a beautiful and enticing energy is radiating her allure either in the form of some body, real or imagined in your direction.  Dreams and healing are your vocation for winter in any form or reality.

Pisces, yes we were just talking about you. Neptune and Chiron are transversing  blissfully through your sign. These two are very interesting together because one is Pisces ruler, Neptune so you may feel more comfortable with your chaos than ever and Chiron rules the opposite sign to Pisces which is Virgo.  This tends to create a euphoric discomfit. Neptune would love to drift alone in the veils whilst Chiron calls you back to look and heal and see in an oh so gentle way.

Aries you are so alive with that bludgeoning Uranus thumping its way through your life. Its major effect is still on the March borns but it is coming the way of the aprilians sometime soon. Hold on and go with the force is my catch cry for Aries. Anything is possible so work towards your goals until you get swept up in the Uranian thrust which will throw you into a pathway either the one you dreamt of or another one entirely.

Libra you are flying under the radar, quite cozily quiet and only occasionally blasted from across the zodiac by a fragmented Uranus thunderbolt.  Influences on your life are subtle at present, no moon news to speak of, and these major transits of the outer planets only affect you by back -wash. It can be hard to distinguish what is actually influencing you at all.

Taurus you tend to be similar to Libra. Many of the influences coming your way are subtle and offering s smooth sailing type of effect. In fact many great opportunities are there for the taking if you can see them. Pluto, which delves deeply but transforms is influencing with smooth energy coming from Capricorn which makes life all very practical and ambitious. Saturn, which is calling Scorpio to task is helping you to structure and create options with others or because of others, and the Pisces duo and Jupiter in Cancer all connect to Taurus in harmonious flow. So nice Taurus if you can appreciate it.

Scorpio: there is creative movement for you. You can feel the tides of passion and a depth of creativity is crying out deep inside. Saturn’s, down to earth restrictive nature will help you pull the creations from the abyss and structure them so they can work for you. This is a productive phase in a Scorpio private way.  You may hang your creations on your own walls , where you can reflect upon them.

Well another winter, in we delve. There is lots of lunar activity to keep us vigilant and to give us reason to ritualize. There are two groups of outer planet activity. The combination of Uranus, Pluto and Chiron which is moving all of us rapidly because it doesn’t let us dwell too long.  Dig it up- Pluto, heal it-Chiron move on –Uranus.  The second group Neptune, Saturn and Jupiter are all in water so the emotional frameworks of our lives are under review. We can be excessively anxious or we can structure our emotional realities to work more abundantly for us.

Love and Blessings, enjoy the inner journeys that are winter.

Lyndall McQuinn.

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