August 19, 2013

This Spring is a time for the water signs, I wonder if it means a wet season. Five of the seven outer influences are in water signs this Spring. There is also a Full Moon in Pisces in September and an eclipse on the Dark Moon in Scorpio in November very close to Samhein/Beltane. So let’s look forward to spending our time in our emotional demeanors during Spring. If the major influences are in water then the next most effected signs will be the earth signs because the water signs are always opposite the earth signs, placing emphasis on the signs of feminine gender.


Beginning spring we have the dark moon in Virgo, which will turn out the lights on Virgo and force them to look inside.  Virgo is already a little chaotic as two outer influences are creating different perspectives to their ordered world and forcing them to heal the rifts that make them constantly believe they need to serve the planet and everyone on it. Thus we find our slightly nervy Virgos in a withdrawn state.

Pisces, the polar opposite of Virgo are also in chaotic states but this is not so out of the ordinary. This is particularly true for Pisces born late February and is asking for a revamp on how you perceive yourself and a reality check on the suitability of those around you.  The Full Moon in September will throw light on your dilemmas and maybe give new insight on how to go around in another circle.

Cancer also has an outer planet journeying through it but it is Jupiter our abundant influence so there is optimism in the Cancer camp. This makes our emotional Cancerians really something; as Jupiter expands what we feel so  expect ;really up or really down. It also can make us really fat if we eat to console our emotions. Whichever expansion you choose make sure you take the opportunities that exist with Jupiter because it is just the energy that can turn life around.

Jupiter’s exuberance is also helpful to Capricorn from across the wheel, as Pluto trudges or sludge’s its way through Capricorn.  Pluto is not a Capricorn type of energy, too deep and down for “get it done, practical” Capricorn.  It can be a big shock to “push on regardless “Capricorn to find themselves still and wanting time out. When Pluto and Jupiter actually combine across the horoscope then be aware of power issues arising. This is a good time to view your own power plays. This applies to both Cancer and Capricorn as it is a two-way bridge.

This spring is a Scorpio delight. There is a dark moon eclipse in November very close to Samhein or Beltane, depending on your hemisphere preference, Scorpio’s major ritual period and the moon’s node and Saturn are journeying through this sign. Wow Scorpio life wont be dull, in fact it is satisfying as life has a great depth to it and maybe even there is someone you want to share it with. There is direction and the energy to shape the direction to how you want it. For once you may feel powerfully in control.

Taurus across the wheel can be spinning from the energy coming her way. Saturn on the other side can present challenging others for Taurus to deal with, others who want to control what is already in hand.  The south node’s path is likely to dig up past slights and we know Taurus has difficulty releasing past slights. The Full Moon in late November maybe the clearing out time for Taurus.Only the brave challenge Taurus but this spring you may meet equal opponents.

So to the masculine gender signs that are all the fire and air signs.

In the southern hemisphere Libra is a spring sign and I am sure this is a perfect adage for Libra. Spring, rejuvenation and romance reek of Libra. All bodes well for the wonderful social antics to prevail, only a couple of hiccups. The lunations in October of both moon phases may create confusion for Libra. Dark moon at beginning of month is always a reflect but can’t decide time and Aries full moon with eclipse is a bit vulgar and direct for Libran niceties but possibly helpful to get on your way.

Aries is now in full revolt. What could possible destroy your focus now? Uranus is toppling restraints and forcing you onto new pathways especially the late March and early April Ariens. Add a full moon with an eclipse adds to the unexpected twists.  Fast is the new tempo and frantic is the new look.

Gemini has slowed to a breeze after Jupiter passed to Cancer. On the wind comes the watery influence from Pisces that makes you contemplate the emotion that you so rapidly left behind many moons ago. Talking is the healing influence for Gemini; never drown in the guilt.

Not Sagittarius though, those Aries bolts still have you running. All the fires signs are pumped, A fiery full moon in October will exacerbate the movement available to Sagittarius over spring. Maybe it is time to travel or at the very least time to plan.

Leo what a strange time it has been for you. Not the best winter on record so lets hope spring bounces you into your creative finest; the warmth will help. Uranus still lurks in Aries and can still blast its way into your space, bolstering new directions that are probably started by now. The next creation is your life path, although a little fast for your liking, exciting nonetheless.

Aquarius too had a shady winter challenging values and those diplomatic belief systems to the utmost. Life may be quieter and a tad unsocial as you rethink and remedy what you now stand for.  You can’t hide your disappointment over the misuse and maltreatment of others authority.

The plant world symbolizes spring for me: its time to bud and flower. Create your beauty in whatever part of life you want. I will leave you with a quote

Be like a flower that gives fragrance

Even to the hand that crushes it.

Hazrat Ali.


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