Spring Astrology 2014

September 20, 2014


LIBRA: In the Southern Hemisphere Spring begins in Libra. It suits Libra, with the tendency towards romance and love and idealism just perfect after the cold ways of winter. The North Node is moving through Libra offering clear directions for Libra, along with a lunar cycle in your polarity, of dark to full moon offering an emotional clear out as well. A make-over Spring one could say.

ARIES; The Full Moon in Aries on Oct 8, add an eclipse gives Aries a break in the tumult to get clear on certain points of contention. Then its back to the rolling and bouncing that Uranus is bringing to your sign especially Aries born in late March and early April.

SAGITTARIUS finds Spring a gentle, yet productive period. Gentle isn’t usually your style but there are two influences from Pisces and yes they are both gentle and lay back. At the same time the Uranian hurley, burley from Aries is also a factor, so you could be forgiven for feeling all over the shop.

GEMINI is waiting for something. Not really sure what, the swinging from twin to twin does get tiresome. At least you have identified your options; the Full Moon in Dec should help. Meanwhile healing the vision will be where you get tripped up.

CAPRICORN: Life goes on, things remain a little unsteady and not so easy to control, although you may feel a little less overwhelmed. Pluto continues to affect those with early Jan birthdays, digging and delving into matters you would prefer to let rest.

CANCER, feeling more grounded, Jupiter has left. That sense of rush, rush, rush has passed and maybe a more lethargic aura wafts in from Pisces planets. What is that relaxed you feel? Landing again after twelve long months.

AQUARIUS has an element of optimism running its way with the Jupiter opposition coming across from Leo. Saturn is a stabilizing influence in its square from Scorpio. Nobody likes Saturn but in this case it will help Aquarius put things on the ground that ultimately fulfills them.

LEO, Jupiter is beginning a twelve -month journey through your sign. Its early days yet but over half of the Leo birthdays have had a single burst of this abundant energy. Create, expand and enjoy this year ahead. Abundance is your catch cry.

PISCES your Full Moon shines upon you in September which could confuse things considerably, given there is much activity in your sign from outer planets. The Fish certainly want to swim in varying directions. It is time to heal and liberate structures that are too emotionally intense. Whether you throw the baby out with the bath water remains to be decided.

VIRGO not one for chaos but at present others’ chaos may prevail especially around September. You will find you are strengthening inside yourself as Spring progresses and by November maybe you have a sense of solid footing under your life again.

TAURUS: Spring improves over the months for Taurus. Her own Full Moon occurs in November and that is when things will begin to feel stabilized again. Feeling the love through Libra is ok and yes you do the dress me up and indulge me thing well but October is a bit much; Too restrictive and unyielding when you would prefer to push on. November may well be a welcome respite

SCORPIO: Spring always is a big Scorpio time. There is a dark moon eclipse, Oct 24 that allows for deep recesses of the soul to be examined and of course Samhein; a profound Scorpio ritual experience on Oct 31. Well all I can say is robes on, plan the rituals and empower the soul of your being. Deep, dark, mysterious you love it.

Happy Spring Equinox.