October 8, 2018



It’s always a joy to welcome Spring; especially after the dour retrograde and eclipse cycles of winter. Both Mercury and Mars have now turned direct so maybe we will get some forward motion, however Venus will have a retrograde period in Spring, starting in October at 10 degrees Scorpio asking us all to reassess what we value.


Venus will retrograde over the degrees of 10 Scorpio to 25 in Libra, this prompts us to rethink our value systems and our relationships. This is not so unusual for Libra but maybe a chance for Scorpio to release and relive some important moments in significant matters of relating. Scorpio has had a lot of action this year. Jupiter is direct now in Scorpio and will zoom over Scorpio sprinkling Jupiter expansion dust, offering all array of opportunity. But do they stay? The dark moon in Scorpio on November 8 is a time to peruse the outcomes of the past two seasons.


Taurus you are also affected by the backwash from Scorpio so you could have hold-ups on ideas you are really excited about but relying on others can be a problem. Uranus has begun stirring the cauldron for late April Taureans bringing speedy and erratic changes neither of which you are a fan, however there is a respite in November and you could use your October 25 Full Moon to formulate a shining light on the future. Saturn is helping as it journeys through Capricorn, allowing for structure in your business or financial plans.


Sagittarius, the end of Spring is always a joy to you. Warmth is necessary to loosen your movements and Jupiter is entering Sagittarius in November. So travel plans or big, bigger, best plans are laid and set in motion for the coming year. Optimism is high and the gentle breeze that has blown your way from Chiron in Aries over winter allows you to see your shortcomings.


Gemini is in two minds. There are opportunities aloft but have you the energy or inclination to pick up the challenges.  All the influences for you are bouncing off other signs so it leaves you with the decision-making and the call to make an effort. Mars in Aquarius may inspire you to take action on your ideas but they can be difficult to manifest. The Full Moon on Nov 23 gives you great insight into action for the summer.


Capricorn, Saturn has gone right back to the start of your sign so all the changes that came from hard work are being reworked and restructured especially for the late December Capricorns. Taking responsibility is the test but there is much to be achieved from your sustained efforts. Pluto is also in Capricorn and hovering vigorously on Capricorns born January 9 to 12. This is deep energy for you offering profound changes that transform your life.


Cancer: You are bouncing from the highs and lows of those around.  You have the Pluto and Saturn oppositions affecting your relationships, asking for you to be responsible or you feel caught in power plays. Uranus from Taurus says there is change open to you if you can let go the need to control and stay caught in power dramas and Jupiter from Scorpio is sending optimistic opportunities your way. It’s your choice, which way you leap.


Aquarius, Mars is back in your sign and retracing over the steps it made in retrograde motion so you will find the groundwork has been done, now is the time to implement. It may feel like going over old ground but the foundation is now well built. There is nothing blocking your way.


Leo, things are slow moving and unclear for you personally almost like the lights gone out. There are no easy flow aspects for you so even though there are possibilities, the efforts you put in result in mixed reactions.  You may find your output brings an assertive response from others and you can be caught in conflicts that you wonder from where they sparked.


Pisces you have had a winter clear of Chiron but he’s back in late Sept. Chiron is a gentle and healing energy so maybe there are aspects that need to be tied up; a timely revisit for those Pisces born March 17 to 21. Neptune is retrograding over the Piscians born March 4 to 7 meaning more time creating new vision, dreams or just feeling confused, the best understandings come from images. Neptune works in picture not word.


Virgo, dark moon on Sep 10, begins your spring with a clear out of the winter dross. There are two planets in other earth signs making a grand trine to you. These are Uranus in Taurus, which creates change and Saturn in Capricorn, which adds caution and structure. Tapping into these two opens the door for positive change that you find easy to structure. With your attention to detail, enjoy the progressive season.


Aries Uranus will pop back in November and give those born right at the end of the sign a final shove into changing directions. The rest of you have the Full Moon on September 25 to cast a glance over the year that’s been and project what you wish for the coming one.  Your responsibilities can press heavily on your dreams and plans and the desires of those you care about can weigh you down.


Libra well as I stated at the beginning Venus will retrograde over the last 5 degrees of you sign this November asking you to think about what you value. Saturn is squaring you from Capricorn so there is a weight of responsibility on your decisions but even if you cant balance the thinking, Mars trine from Aquarius will let you get on with the action.  There will be time on Oct 9 on the dark moon to truly see what needs to alter.


Lyndall McQuinn.