August 30, 2019

The story of spring belongs to the movement of Saturn and Jupiter.  Jupiter has turned direct and is now speeding through Sagittarius until the end of spring. In summer, she enters Capricorn with Saturn and Pluto and the South node.  Saturn is twisting and turning in Capricorn throughout spring, retrograding over a couple of degrees just to press the point before it too turns direct and moves on through the sign.

SAGITTARIUS; prepare to speed up and propel onwards. It’s time to put your efforts into all those dreams and yes some idealism that creates inspiration can help here too. Don’t be disillusioned by how hard things may be to finally get what you are dreaming; or by family members who may not support your efforts. Look for unexpected help via work peers.

GEMINI; Jupiter’s influence may reflect on you by the optimistic and fun loving others you bring into your life at this time. Although the career directions can still be illusive, employers although hard task -masters, may make you determined to provide the security you need so you can prepare to move on. Learn from their expertise or from past lessons.

CAPRICORN; your sign is loaded and in summer we add Jupiter so this is a complex time for you.  Pluto is sitting on those born 10 to 13thof January. Deep changes are occurring from clearing out past situations or irritations that have kept you stagnant leaving the pathway open for new paradigms. Those born 3 to the 10th have begun a steady rebuild of life and Capricorn is always up for a challenge and a rebuild so don’t rebuild what you have just torn down. The importance of past contacts can’t be overstated.  These people or situations are important.

CANCER; it is really time to be moving forward on all fronts. Some of you may be busy shaking off old relationship patterns which have held you stuck for what seems like centuries but your optimism returns and the pathways open up especially in career and work team options.  Your inspiration may come from travel or study and unexpected new friendships.

AQUARIUS; life is indifferent. The financial aspects of life can be challenging and illusive. There can be issues bubbling below the surface that you really need to look at. Situations from the past can be costly here. The family can bring unexpected changes. Look to the new people you encounter to help you on your way.  

LEO; finances can dominate for the beginning of spring and even when you try the usual pathways to create opportunities, you can find some doorways shutting while others are just not inspiring. There is a sense of a big need for changes to refresh both security and self -esteem.  Changes are available and travel is healing. Your own creativity always makes you roar.

PISCES; spring begins with clarity, a full moon shines in your sign in September. Then the north node is trining Neptune passing through your sign, which allows you to see the goals you have set are reachable.  Don’t put so much emphasis on your relationships as there is a need to heal your own insecurities and perhaps reevaluate your friendships that actually create feelings of powerlessness or inadequacy. Look for creative ways to expand your career options.

VIRGO, it really is time to focus on yourself, as the other in your life is very abundant. Your home and family are expansive, there are options to travel and new faces appear easily in your life. Relationship dreams are also joyful but make sure you are viewing them clearly. The area of challenge for you is your creativity. Opportunities from old colleagues that could transform your life are around but it requires disciplined work.

ARIES is tossing up between career options and finances. Always busy and focused Aries though, is stock-taking on whether their efforts support them financially. There is great opportunity to realign what you want to do with your life here. You can see the mistakes of the past and there can be great gain through travel. Not usually a sign for company but at present your work colleagues can be your best friends.

LIBRA loves spring, all the personal planets will pass by your sign refreshing and reaffirming who you are and where you are heading. There is even time for new images that make you feel alive. The change area for you can be the family as issues from the past and present collide. Great time to sort things and not bury them deeply so they rise again and again. It’s a healing time for your relationships and work colleagues can inspire you to new heights.

TAURUS: change is afoot and change is not your favourite past time so be prepared. This change is beginning with those born in April and has been around all year. Things that have begun will be reevaluated as Uranus is now retrograde over those early degrees. Old wounds and disillusionment with friendship will become a thing of the past. It is a good time to take up new learning which you may have looked at previously. It could transform your passion for living

SCORPIO is thinking about security and where do I want to be. Relationships are changing, and there are old patterns within community that will either transform  or bore you.  Look for financial opportunities, they are around and maybe they could come from travelling. The issue is it’s hard to get a clear vision of what you actually want to do, and people aren’t really helping as they tend to bring up wounds or are erratic in their own positions.

Blessings for the renewal that Spring brings.

Lyndall McQuinn