August 26, 2021


Spring is a slow crawl towards a spiritual evolution. There are two celestial groupings in the outer planets. The first one involves the sextile between Neptune and Pluto with Jupiter at its mid- point and the second grouping is of Saturn/Uranus and Chiron influencing both planets. All the outer planets are retrograde at the beginning of Spring but three turn direct in October. So slowly back over old terrain until October.

Neptune and Pluto are often sextile and have been for generations on and off. They give a slow progression through continuing and often deep- rooted developments and at times according to Reinhold Ebertin a lack of incentive. Jupiter in the mid- point can bounce some energy into the combination producing some optimism and add a touch of humanitarian perspective strengthened by the fact that Jupiter is in Aquarius

Pluto is still crunching its way through Capricorn, destroying a lot of the society as we know it whilst Neptune is ahead in Pisces teasing us with the moments of clarity and idealistic dreaming before the confusion and chaos returns.

Saturn and Uranus have been responsible for the ugly, oppressive fanatical rantings between societal groups on what each other should be doing according to ME;

 “I respect your views however I’m correct and do as I believe”

The Saturnian camp being hell bent on rules and going hard and restraining movement whilst the Uranian camp speak of freedom and rights. The showdown of this is coming and will build over spring reaching a final crescendo in summer. Chiron flits in and out of here highlighting the pain and suffering caused by such division.

Libra who doesn’t like the lack of harmony nor the unfairness of stomping on peoples’ rights has a thought -provoking spring as Mercury begins direct then retrogrades through Libra for all of September and October. Maybe this is a good influence for us all to be thinking about what the best options are to restore harmony and recreate our relationships with family and the society. We will have two months of the communication and thinking planet in a sign that seeks resolutions, hopefully that breaks the rigid, uncompromising banter that we listen to daily at present. Expect breakthroughs in mid- October when Mercury turns direct and inconjuncts Uranus twice within a couple of weeks.

Also in October, Pluto, Saturn, then Jupiter also turn into direct motion. Jupiter and Saturn are in Aquarius so again here is a bright light for bigger perspectives for humanity. Jupiter is always pressing for options whilst Saturn in Aquarius has tended to suppress the freedom Aquarius would like to live with. With Mercury also being in an air sign and the nodes are beginning to finish up in Gemini over Spring, maybe there is a new breeze for changing the way we are thinking. This gives us four planets in air, all retrograding and going direct, chewing over old thinking, researching new thinking. Turbulent mindsets are indicated here.

Pluto turns direct early October so it’s off again to transform new aspects of the society and is working with the gentler vibrations of Jupiter and Neptune as mentioned earlier. So hopefully we see a less harsh aspect of Pluto and one that shows us how our world has changed and helps restore the spirit to our lives.

For the personal planets of Sun, Venus and Mars they will make their usual spring haunts in the signs of Virgo, Libra, Scorpio and Sagittarius. The annual visit of these planets to these signs refreshes the concepts of who I am and what I want to.

In Lunar news we will end Spring with an eclipse in Taurus on the full moon Nov 19, which will be a very interesting beginning to summer. The first dark moon in summer will also have an eclipse in Sagittarius. The transition from spring to summer is likened to a jump start. After all the words and maybe the slow pace of spring we surge into summer. The first eclipse being in Taurus usually focuses on the earth or what we have built on the earth. So for all the musings of Spring, Summer brings us into a grounded reality.