Summer Astrology 2013

December 7, 2013

Summer Astrology by Lyndall McQuinn.

Summer’s lunar dance will play out in mostly air and fire signs.  December, January and February dark and full moons will be operating from these two elements.  The fire with the air makes me wonder about the lunar influence on our fire season: as fire with air is usually the problem.

An exceptionally interesting phenomenon of this summer is the two dark moons in January. If these were full moons we would accurately say “once in a blue moon” which isn’t that random really, it occurs every couple of years. The second full moon of the month would be called the Blue Moon, however when it is dark moons the second is called the Black Moon.  And as if not quaint enough it happens again in March. The New Year begins with a dark moon in Capricorn, unsure how I feel about that.

Aries this is an explosive summer for you, especially if you are born between Mar 29 and April 7. The urge for changes that appear erratic and the power of the influences that stop them is a constant battle. The warrior aspect is in full swing, fighting off the conservative and the emotional.

Libra lives a social summer and you will love it because that is what Libra is about. New and unusual people cause powerful and emotional impact that you may not be able to rationalize. These interactions can leave you uncomfortable and wondering about your ethics.

Sagittarius is more cautious this summer. Just stepping a little uncertainly as new structures ask you to realign your flimsy plans. The call for change is sounding but how to implement them without a mess is the issue.

Gemini’s year of excessive changes is catching up, the tempo has slowed and the new look in the light of day may not be as great as you’d hoped. Focus on the easy path rather than the wounds of the old ones.

Taurus: Favorable times for you. Summer is relaxed as you review the realities of some of your plans for the coming year. There are still plenty of opportunities for profound change that stimulate new visions.

Scorpio has a beautiful flow that began in Spring.  You have had a total make-over, nearly every planet has visited Scorpio during Spring. Life is changing much quicker than expected and all appears to be working out well. Happy Scorpions exude optimism.

Cancer is tidal, highs and lows. Huge changes can come out of nowhere and just when you feel like life is on a roll, it bogs again due to someone else’s actions or influence. Don’t give up; keep plodding and wonderful options that will work out come your way.

Capricorn: An intense time for those born Dec 31 to Jan 4 throughout the year as Pluto slowly passes through Capricorn.  Pluto allows for a couple of years for creating powerful changes, which include sea/tree changes.  Lots of possibilities, they just take time to manifest.

Leo: Flying along, making change-not entirely sure if the new vision is matching your actions with a slight uncertainty that maybe you are heading for a brick wall. It is all a little too fast which can create an underlying sense of discomfit amongst the exhilaration.

Aquarius can feel a bit stuck, haven’t got the energy to burst forward and feeling thwarted. There are options turning up now and then but they are not entirely what you want. A little frustrated, maybe autumn will be a better time. Relax and holiday.

Virgo is being called to a halt. It is time to reflect. If you do take a moment the new plans are likely to slot into place easily. If not exhaustion can create the holiday for you. Better to be your choice.  Use summer to plan the year.

Pisces: If I had a wish I would be Pisces now. Gorgeous creative flow is going your way. Healing visions manifest easily just coinciding with holiday time. Even the emotional component is smooth sailing for the summer. For Pisces this time is practical and maybe a tad productive.

Summertime ends the old year and begins anew. Relax and revive with just a little stifling heat to slow the pace.

Much love and blessings for Christmas and New Year.