Summer Astrology 2014

December 2, 2014



AQUARIUS: you are the sign of the summer. Two Dark Moons, Mercury turns retrograde retracting over your degrees and Mars pays you a visit. These nuances niggling at you make you descend from your heady heights into action and communication and intercommunication, maybe a tad repetitive but it gets results. You may be relieved when summer is over but you wont be able to deny the progress you have made.

LEO: All rise as the mighty regal lions strut their paraphernalia. Leo is riding on a Jupiter high on their path to royalty. The worlds are opening for you. Indulge: doubly excessive for those born between Aug 7-15th and climaxing for all on a Leo Full Moon in Feb.

PISCES: Summer is full of motivation and the energy to create positive plans. The force flows with you until Jan 18-22 when you may find you hit the wall. Nothing left in the tank may lead you to revision all projects and allow some time to wander in the imagination to refuel.

VIRGO: You may be amazed at how orderly your life has become, not that it wasn’t, but the change is, your orderly ways have brought you time to relax. You may feel as if there is no razzle-dazzle but there is also no stress. The earthiness of your sign is for once apparent.

ARIES: Has anyone seen Aries lately? Oh yes, the dust cloud we are all choking on is them jousting and jostling their way into the future. So many energized vibes coming Aries way, yes there is a bump or two from the past to hurdle but you will just jump higher.

LIBRA: Directions are the questions in your vast minds at the moment. This way and that through life’s labyrinth, stepping gently so as not to create disturbance but being displaced by those aggressive surges coming across to you from Aries polarity. Tip toe through the minefield of possibilities.

TAURUS: You can participate from the sidelines. Enjoy the quiet slow pace of summer that you prefer and deserve after a year of hard slog. Don’t bemoan the tranquility; autumn is always your time, so take a break.

SCORPIO: Only a tail end of Saturn energy frustrates the later born Scorpios -Oct 21-23 and then its past. All you Scorpio’s with new restructured lives now have time to be proud of efforts made over the last two and a half years. Its new terrain now, time for new visions based on a secure foundation.

GEMINI: December begins with your Full Moon- oh what will we do to celebrate? Lets take the easy options for once and don’t complicate life. There is a lot of air energy flowing through summer; for you that is not always helpful because a busy mind can be exhausting. Perhaps get lost in a book OR maybe write one.

SAGITTARIUS: Saturn is moving in for the next couple of years, a bit like the grumpy old housemate, so Sagittarius may welcome the time to get real and put some structures in your life feeling less like constantly moving on. A more disciplined summer especially for birthdays 24 to 28 Nov – maybe a new disciplined regime, be it a physical based program or a philosophical based one. Practice perfects.

CANCER: Your Full Moon falls on Jan 5th and hopefully all the family has gathered near for Christmas and New Year. You love all the emotional turmoil and banter that goes under the guise of family because you are centre stage as the negotiator, mediator, and general fix it person. You may leave exhausted, vowing on the Full Moon never to see the family again- but really, be honest, you love it.

CAPRICORN: You loath Christmas, which won’t be aided by the Dark Moon falling in Capricorn on Dec 22. All your banter about commercialism and waste of money and lets do Kris Kringle or not, arises; however you do love the food. You are the changing group among the zodiac. Pluto plods wearingly through your sign, this year affecting birthdays 2-7 Jan highlighting emotions you never knew existed and moments that make you cringe with tenderness of fear.

Merry Christmas, Happy New Year to you all

Lyndall McQuinn.