Summer Astrology 2017/2018

November 26, 2017



I can’t help feeling excited about the new energies developing around us now and into 2018. January is going to begin with a full moon on the 2nd and have another full moon with an eclipse on Jan 31. Leaving February to have only a dark moon and then March will have another two full moons but that is Autumn’s story. The second one of those full moons is called the Blue Moon so the saying once in a Blue Moon is relatively regularly in the beginning of 2018.

December’s full moon will be in Gemini so this is your month to bring to light your resoluteness. There can be many issues for Gemini to be working through right now and they can seem to have no solutions but let’s just see if this full moon can throw some new light on things. Much of your turbulence is coming from across the wheel with Saturn in Sagittarius so authority persons or institutions step in and bar the way. Around Christmas Saturn will move and then throughout summer three of the personal planets reflect from Sagittarius. This asks for new perspectives or a bigger picture with regard to relationships.

Sagittarius has a wonderful celebration at Christmas as they farewell Saturn. The heaviness of life passes and you get time to review the new look structures and disciplines that have grown in your life over the last couple of years. Mercury will retrograde in your sign in December, especially provoking those born in December; paperwork you thought was done may bounce back for a second attempt or you may need to make yourself clear about what you actually did say.

Cancer has the first of Januarys’ full moons so a highlighted start to your New Year. Your influences are also coming in the form of oppositions from across the wheel as Saturn, and three personal planets move through Capricorn. Whenever we deal with oppositions we are dealing with relating. So others rigidity or demands or plain speaking may upset your need to be needed. Allow the other to stand on their own two feet would be my caution.

Capricorn celebration for you too as Saturn returns to its own sign, so out of the entire zodiac you can show us how Saturn is done. It will reside here for the next two years and will be a blessed relief in comparison to Pluto who is still grinding over some of you. The builders among you will be in heaven and there is great opportunity to begin or promote or create or study especially those born in December until Jan 2. Whilst others would groan under the load, you can thrive. The Capricorns of Jan 9 to 13 you will have Pluto digging up your turf. This creates immense change to who you believed you were.

Lucky Leo has January’s second full moon with the eclipse. Leo doesn’t like to be eclipsed so there may be tiny frustrations, as the BIG plans still need time to flourish even though every thing flows quietly along. The issue is really about being able to fit in the crowd instead of needing the adoration from the crowd. Time is your friend: not your enemy. The eclipse may allow you to see what is slithering underneath. Jupiter’s square from Scorpio also likes to work in the dark and seek what is underlying.

Aquarius: the dark moon for you is also partially eclipsed so if you are looking for the hidden pieces you may be well able to grasp them. You may find yourself looking over your shoulder in moments of intuitive awareness throwing flashes of insight into your unique endeavors. The Jupiter square offers depth and grounding to your ideas so summer is a great time to sort out what inhibits your dreams and to reroute your pathways.

Virgo you have options. Two of the outer giants are trining you throughout the year so take your choice. Saturn offers assistance to discipline and asks you to be realistic about what you want physically, monetarily, in career and the home. This is a time when these things can work out very well. Pluto is a different story, it adds intensity so you may be pushed to become realistic, allowing you to move mountains. You will have the energy to do so.

Pisces may have a spiritual awakening and once the spirit of your soul is behind what you want there is no difficulty moving forward. This is not about religion but more about finding whom the real you actually is. Chiron will be leaving you in April so the Pisceans born late in the sign will be concluding healing processes. Neptune is meandering over the Pisces born from Mar 3 to 8 so this presents fabulous creative approaches to life or lethargy; take your pick. It gets back to finding the spirit of your being.

Libra is visited by Mars at the beginning of summer so conflicts in paradise may surface. Early December Mars moves to Scorpio, which means you may find yourself hanging onto the anger from the above scuffles and even feeling quite possessive of what you have or others. Not very Librian qualities so you may feel out of sorts. The last of Uranus influence from Aries will affect those born at the end of Libra. This usually brings challenges from the other. Dare I say it- Grumpy Libra space.

Aries; Uranus is finishing with your sign. The last of the Arien revolution is upon us at least until the end of the year 2018. I think the whole world may breathe a sign of relief. The enthusiasm and aggression is likely to subside. Aries then faces new challenges; Pluto slowly makes squares to all the new found courage and endeavors asking the question of was all this a good idea and Saturn will join it at Christmas giving Aries a reality check and offering an attempt to restructure the changes that have so excited them. A testing time for the new paradigms.

Scorpio is in heaven with Jupiter entering the sign in October. Time for Scorpio style abundance. Let’s get to the bottom of everything. Stones overturned, closets exposed and secrets revealed as long as they are not your secrets. Loving the depth, for once life seems very interesting. Mars enters here too in December so that can make for some very deep seated rage to be eradicated.

Taurus some great spin off for you. Saturn in Capricorn will aid your sense of practicality and help to organize and reorganize your physical well being on all levels. Whilst Jupiter although opposing can bring opportunities that actually have some spine. With Pluto’s help this is a time where changes can transform your current practices.

Blessed be Lyndall