Summer Astrology 2017

December 1, 2016



Capricorn is a little lost in setting boundaries this summer. Having the deep conversations with people that could have been had many years ago make for clearer relating. Steamroller over the top tactics wont work this time and probably you are tired of that anyway. Yes relationships are important and you are realising; time builds good ones. The dark moon in Capricorn on Dec 29th opens the vaults wider. Mercury retrograde in your sign in Dec presses the point.


Cancer may feel like “the world is agin me.”; You in your small corner and them in theirs. Strange ground for you: but you need space and possibly may be working very hard as opportunities are too good to deny. This means not so much family focus as you would think over Christmas and maybe not the energy to step in and carry the family cheer. Your full moon on Jan 12 brings insights into the darker corners.


Aquarius what do you want? This is the summer question. Warm holidays are a good option to ask it? Friendships and business partners may be worrisome and you may need to restructure some of these arrangements. Money flow is deceptive; maybe take the quiet time to study up on new business ideas. The dark moon of January 28 is a time to make a fresh start.


Leo lazes in the sun, dreaming of copious new ideas around creating business over the next twelve months. You can be original here as there is a grand fire trine for some Leos with Uranus in Aries and Saturn in Sagittarius. This means the crazy dreams can be structured into fact. Good luck! Use your February 11 full moon to celebrate.


Pisces has been overwhelmed for much of this year in fact and with the south node coming to join Neptune and Chiron still in your sign, all those pesky things from the past that are appearing so they can be swept away, are sinking the ship further. Mars will enter Pisces December 20; this may speed up the processes a little or at least bump up the energy supply. There is an eclipse on the Pisces dark moon in February this may be the time to clear the pasts completely.


Virgo feels like the energy has returned and the difficulties, mostly of others, not yours, are easing. If you reflect over 2016 you may realise that your path has been slow but optimistic and developing; it’s only when you start amping up due to others’ plights that the chaos sets in. Use the summer break to prepare for your life to blossom in autumn.


Aries is exhausted, Uranian overload being stirred up by Jupiter across the wheel. Too much, too often, too fast and too unsupported; its becoming hard to distinguish fact from fiction. I suggest you stop and take a break. You may find some lovely new folk wander in from across the wheel if you can just rest awhile to hear them. There really are many opportunities if you give yourself a minute to intuit them.



Libra make hay whilst Jupiter rolls through Libra. Great times for you be it in opportunities or relationships and both together. I can feel the warmth of your smiles from the Universe. Let your business advisors explain how to structure the finances. Unexpected encounters can also bring in travel options. Soak it up. This is a time to do rather than explain. All things expand so be aware of what you are creating.


Taurus maybe you could listen to the disquiet that niggles away at your unconscious. What is it that troubles you in your dreams? Be aware of friends from the past and the issues that you may have buried because of them. Take a minute to reflect on what you are trying to create and how the partnership with others’ may hinder your progress. Telling people what you really feel and listening to the reply may prove useful.


Scorpio take the moment to tap into the creative you. You may feel an intense calling to do something that delights your ability to create. Alternatively the intuitive aspect of you is blown open so it is a time to follow your instincts. Maybe it is a time to realise skills which you have held for a long time and never really noticed. Financial issues can be re ordered at present so maybe it will free up your time.


Gemini is looking for new directions. Some of the old ones are closing and possibly unresolved aspects of them are no longer needed. Your full moon in mid December is a great time to celebrate the moving on. Restlessness can send you looking for new minds to join with.


Sagittarius is a little burdened. Unused to heavy-duty responsibility and the possibilities these offer places you in two minds. The toss up is between really knuckling down for an extended period of hard work and getting plans set up or roaming off with the new faces that have wandered into your life adding new ideas and beliefs. Can you do both? Sure why not.


Summer blessing for a happy Christmas and relaxed holidays.

Thought for summer:

Focus on the seeds you plant rather than looking for the goals you’ve achieved.


Lyndall McQuinn




©2016 Lyndall McQuinn