January 3, 2019






Deja vu; Uranus and Chiron are back in Aries and Pisces so many of us are tidying up the loose threads from past cycles which began in 2017. By Autumn of 2019 they will be back in Taurus, and Aries respectively and the new chapter is off and running. In the meantime we are mopping up and redefining with utterances “ Haven’t I done this.”


So Aries you are really busy as Uranus returns to create waves for those born at the end of the sign; massive changes which liberate your lifestyle.  Chiron hovers for those born at the start of the sign so a new honest touch base with self. Those in the middle are squared by Saturn which speaks of discipline and Pluto which if you are avoiding the discipline will create an intense push towards delving into what is creating the disturbances in your life.


Libra, summer isn’t so much your season, unlike spring but you too have the squares from Saturn and Pluto affecting people born in the middle of the sign. Saturn urges you to be organized and realistic whilst the Pluto takes you deeply into your drives for better or not.

Uranus will oppose the late born Librans bringing unexpected and exciting others and Chiron opposes the early born Librians so maybe healing with others is a rewarding experience.


Capricorn you too are bouncing around. Both Saturn and Pluto are in your sign, add a dark moon eclipse and we could say a summer to remember. You love Saturn as it rules your sign and it has spent most of the year in the first half of the sign and will remain in Capricorn all 2019 so this is rewards and commitment time for you. Work hard and climb like mountain goats. Some of you will not like the intensity of the climb as Pluto challenges you to look deeply. Uranus will bring erratic opponents that suggest change and Chiron is beginning to modify your approaches.


Cancer is also caught up in this cardinal sign whirlpool. Saturn and Pluto in your case bring others with authority and discipline that can offer great things if you will take it up. Or the power crazed, so dealing with others is an uncertain proposition. Uranus and Chiron square either end of the sign so rest, relaxation and healing present for some whilst further changes press those born at the end of the sign. Your full moon just before Christmas is a highlight- gaze deeply.



Sagittarius you are feeling smug and optimistic with Jupiter just entered your sign. A dark moon at the beginning of December gives you a moment to stop and delve what you are going to do with all this energy. By the end of summer Jupiter will square Neptune so idealism is the approach to 2019. Lets dream into being your ultimate aspirations. Don’t always believe what you hear while Mercury retrogrades at the start of December.


Pisces you will be left with your ruler Neptune strolling through your sign. It has reached Pisceans born from 4thto 11thof March and moves back and forth over your world evoking fantasy, confusion, insight and dissolution of projects that may have been left undecided. This is how Neptune works and the best way to deal with it is to create stillness. Jupiter will square at the end of summer so its time to be in the dreaming.  There is substance to come from this as  Saturn offers opportunity from Capricorn.


Gemini you have access to the positivity of Jupiter from across your wheel bringing many social outcomes with Neptune square suggesting overloading on Christmas cheer. Lets hope this is a holiday season for you as I feel that is the mood that engulfs you.


Virgo has great balance for a while now.  The tone of the trine from Saturn and Pluto in Capricorn offering stability with deep drive and also Uranus when it returns to Taurus also brings an ability to create extensive changes. Over summer whilst Uranus revisits Aries, take the time to stabilize again. Those opposed by Neptune will see where the ideals aren’t realistic or others who aren’t suitable for your forward progress. Full moon in February shines a light on the autumn.



Leo the full moon is eclipsed in your sign on Jan 21, giving a deeper glimpse of plans for 2019. Jupiter’s optimism flows joyfully your way and you are easily buoyant. Uranus tinkers with the late Leos suggesting a couple more changes to your style may be appropriate. Crazy plans, joy of Christmas and a light tweeking of financial concerns.


Aquarius; There is not a lot of air energy around which is your favourite, so next best is the fire from Jupiter which is likely to makes things frantic. There is the possibility of getting many things completed with a rush. No down time to procrastinate,  this may be frustrating but when the thinking time comes you will be very pleased with what you’ve managed.


Taurus. Hard work pays off. The trines from Capricorn mean the opportunities abound but the effort required may not be to your liking. It may feel like the same old plod but the results can be startling.  This is not about dreaming, it’s about doing the dream.


Scorpio may take a back step in early December as Mercury retrogrades through the later degrees of your sign. However it’s a minor rethink. You have had lots of time to sort out what you want over spring so now we await the beginnings of the new ideas. It is a time of sorting the logistics, what do you actually need to progress forward into new phases.


Loving wishes for the summer season

Lyndall McQuinn.