December 1, 2020



All the news is about the Great Conjunction of Jupiter /Saturn which is occurring now but will be exact on Dec 15 until December 28 when Jupiter will speed off and leave Saturn alone to continue its path through Aquarius. This is a great Christmas present for us all and such a welcome relief from the oppressive drudge these two added to throughout 2020. Jupiter and Saturn together are famous as some believe this conjunction was the Star of Bethlehem when Christ was born and the star the Wise Kings followed. So, fitting its reoccurring at Christmas.

AQUARIUS: Excitement in your sign. Saturn and Jupiter together offer us a time to expand and contract in a balanced way. This is the time to ground those ideals and get started with a measured approach. Jupiter will bring optimism and many possibilities until winter and Saturn will stick around all year to plough the ground. This is productive, the mind goes faster than the action, but the action still happens. For most of February Mercury is retrograde in Aquarius so there may be redefining and rerouting of plans.

LEO:  you get the spin off from your pals. Expect there to be big ideas coming at you from work colleagues and great partnerships may be forged at this time. This could bring sudden changes to careers and surprising changes of directions may fall in your lap. Leo full moon on Jan 29 is a climax.

Jupiter and Saturn are also both squaring Uranus in summer. This may feel like a revolution. Powerful energies representing structure and discipline jousting with a liberated rebellious energy clashing big time.  This can go either way, fantastic liberation or a clash of fanatics. Chiron is in this story also sextiling both Jupiter and Saturn so let’s trust this exuberance is a healing phase.

 TAURUS: Uranus is asking early born Taureans to change, bringing new ways to reform the structures you work in. The time has come for individuation to take over, there is a new way of perceiving yourself in the world and a strong drive to incorporate your depth of knowledge in new visions. Hidden anger becomes more apparent as the summer advances.

SCORPIO:  People are changing all around you. Family members, partners, siblings and children. This is a summer with a difference. You ride the waves with others, embrace the exuberance and joy as others’ changes include you. Dwell in the darkness of the shifts that enshroud you. The push and pull of family carry you, the focus could well be on your home.

All these major transits of summer play out in fixed signs. A story between Aquarius and Taurus, where the planets are residing, creating shadows across to Leo and Scorpio. Fixed signs don’t flow easily, they tend to stop and block before they embrace movement. This can create a frustration of manifestation .and conflicts in the way things are to be done.

The cardinal signs have Chiron in Aries and Pluto will remain in Capricorn, so their story is about healing and transforming.

ARIES: Chiron’s slow transit over early born Aries has created much pain. Aries may be caught in situations that don’t move and thwart assertive efforts to move things along. Mars, the ruler has been retrograde and stationed in Aries so the lesson has been of non -action. Be still and sit in the moment. Finally, movement is happening, Aries can move on, but it may be without resolve with others but stronger within self.

LIBRA: You too, have had your share of anger and pain from relationships and deep grief from dealing with family hurts. You are glad to turn your attention to new and exciting creative projects that can abound now and have the possibility of being grounded. Who to work with remains a mystery?

CAPRICORN; What a relief to get the stellium of 2020 out of your sign. You are just left with Pluto. Your focus in summer is about organising your finances and maybe pressing on with issues around your home or family that have been on hold. Renovations or buying a home or moving into a new home are all summer dreams.

CANCER: Finances are also on your list of things to re-organise. It may be a great time to relook at the financial profile. You have opportunities to spend but will do so in an organised way. This is the blessing of Saturn /Jupiter. Work can be a thorn in your side but it’s hard to vision what could replace it. Unexpected new friends can be liberating.

 The mutable signs have Neptune still crawling through Pisces. Luckily it rules Pisces but it’s moving very slowly. The Nodal axis is in Gemini and Sagittarius so that highlights from pasts to present, often depicted as the soul’s journey. There are also two eclipses in the mutable signs of Gemini (Nov 30) and Sagittarius (Dec 15).

 GEMINI: A full moon with an eclipse in Gemini begins summer. A sense of a new beginning.  Career options remain unclear, whilst friendships can be healing and bring ideas for action. The concept of study may arise for Gemini as Jupiter/Saturn bring a trine from Aquarius. Although this may have crossed your thinking many times prior, the idea may actually be more appealing in the next couple of years.

SAGITTARIUS: You too have the effect of the eclipse to begin summer However you may view this as being tired of the old ways. Sagittarius is adrift, unsure of home, yearning to create, and searching for the tribe. Summer is a great time to hit the road and visit community and be open to unexpected work. A refreshing sense of freedom.

VIRGO: Feels like working, there are options that are progressive with an exciting sense of newness. Unexpected study that enhances a deep-felt creativity may actually appeal. Relationships may be unclear and uncertain regarding finances. This is more of a ME time.

PISCES:   Is learning how to differentiate self from other. This is a big story for Pisces and there is lots of clarity from soul searching and self-awareness programs. Friendships are transforming right now as you develop confidence in relationships that help you grow as opposed to those that drown you. Money is a focus as its grounding and awaiting your new goals that could unexpectedly appear out of nowhere.

Blessed Be.