November 30, 2019


All eyes on Capricorn this summer. We all know Saturn and Pluto are journeying through Capricorn and during late 2019 both of these planets turned direct and are moving with determination and authority highlighting to us all the flaws in our power systems as their underbellies leak toxically into our view. Churches, Banks, Governments all seem putrid; are we waiting for the medical elite to join them? . Meanwhile Mother Nature fights back with the global weather events, the masses on the streets and maybe the big business world joining her causes. 

At the beginning of December Jupiter also enters Capricorn. Jupiter is hailed as the great benefic and is always awaited with the expectation of abundance, but in what form does she bring abundance or is it indulgence. Jupiter also rules the legal system so does it too join the systems under scrutiny? Time will tell and Jupiter’s role will be Autumn’s story when she impacts Pluto.

Key timing points in this story will be when Saturn and Pluto actually join exactly from Jan 7 to 22.  So those born between Dec 13 to 18 will have the biggest impact of this transit. 

The icing on the time bomb cake for Capricorn will be an eclipse on the dark moon on Dec 26 in Capricorn at 4 degrees. All the personal planets journey through the sign over summer, the most active planet to do so will be Mars entering on Feb 17 2020 

CAPRICORN : This is certainly a time to overhaul your life and make the changes that you feel too guilty or responsible to do.  Saturn and Pluto show you the areas of life that need to be revamped and Jupiter and Mars give you the energy and optimism to do so by the end of summer. 

CANCER; By default you are on the receiving end of these transits. So expect changes to come via the relationships with others in your life, which at first may seem onerous but by the end of summer the advantages may far outweigh the disadvantages. 

ARIES: as you are part of the cardinal cross that these transits inhabit you too can transform your world most probably focused on your career and directions clearing out the duty bound structures and swopping them with new challenges and personally goals that benefit you financially.  

LIBRA: like Aries you too are affected but more personally as you shift homes or sort through complex family relationships or love affairs. You may realize your obsession to being in love inhibits your possibilities to share your life on a broader scale.

The fixed axis story is still dominated by Uranus who is moving very slowly over summer. Only touching on two degrees; 2 and 3 of Taurus.   

TAURUS: Those born on April  21 to 25 be prepared for opportunities offering major changes. There can be a restlessness or high adrenaline associated with this change which can make sleeping difficult. The mass pile up of planets in Capricorn flows with ease to you so this means dreams, study or travel can be very advantageous. Taurus on the move, not always a joy for you but a great time to choose to be on the move rather than be pushed. 

SCORPIO: Sudden changes from those you love or sudden love can bring you to awareness. This can be a time of dreaming about what you actually want to create in 2020 and new opportunities to participate within the community you actually inhabit. Now is the time to look for the community that is your tribe and define your role within it..

LEO: is seeking a balance between how much work you actually want to do and who you want to work with. There can be issues with co workers and you can be challenged on issues of control and power and maybe you don’t have the energy to be bothered. By just sitting quietly opportunities tend to land in your lap by the end of summer.  Don’t be fooled by the dollar signs you may be offered.

AQUARIUS: is experiencing a revolution in the shadow world. Your unconscious self is illuminating you on many things you either prefer to bury or were totally unaware of and now can’t let go. There is a stripping away of unconscious behavior and a redefining of who you want to be. The biggest surprises may come from family.

GEMINI: business is on your mind, maybe other people’s rather than your own because you cant visualize how your own could look. If you are out sourcing then that needs to work for you financially as well as others; use your bright ideas for your own well being  Sharing intimacy with others is your priority as you are learning much about sharing resources.

SAGITTARIUS: Money is on your mind. It is time to re evaluate how you structure your security and is it working? Expect your opportunistic spirit to step in and offers that may entice you can be extremely abundant. Don’t let family caution inhibit your drive.  This is a risky, exciting time for projects that feed your spirit.

VIRGO; Unexpected travel is on the agenda which can promote your creative self. You have a grand earth trine operating throughout 2020 so practicality is your strong point. The chaos that can surround your life needs to be contained and directed into ordered structures or you may burn out.  Order and structure so you can take full opportunity of the possibilities you have to express the creative you.

PISCES; your focus is on others both friendships and how you participate within community. There can be changes to your friendship groups as the veils clear and you decide that maybe they don’t support your needs whilst other new faces step in and you can see another facet of your life evolving, perhaps within new community. Who is around your life is your question?