November 14, 2021


The movement from Spring to Summer is heralded by two eclipses. Beginning with the Lunar Eclipse on Nov 19 at 24 Taurus followed by the Solar Eclipse on Dec 4 at 12 Sagittarius.

This appears to be a crucial period.  The Lunar eclipse is on a late degree Taurus moon conjunct the Gemini node. This is a Taurus story. Taurus although stable, is rigid and doesn’t promote change.
We have had a Taurus rigidity story all year with Uranus in Taurus trying to break down rigidity of structures and security and due to its square with Saturn in Aquarius we have been dealt with one oppressive notion after another. Saturn has totally bogged the Aquarian ideology which is ruled by Uranus, with authoritarian restrictions for humanity, whilst Uranus in Taurus has totally changed our view of security and stability not offering any form of security for the future.

The eclipse on a Taurus moon will be an interesting shift or change, having Gemini node as its accomplice. The nodes are in their last throws of Gemini then they too will enter Taurus during summer. The Gemini nodes period of 18 months has challenged our thinking and questioning and seeing many sides of a situation and learning to express ideas and so many ideas changing all the time. Gemini is curious and has an alive thinking process. This too is good to shove Taurus into new ways of thinking, a cry to wake up.

The nodes move into Taurus in mid-January and will progress through there for the following 18 months. This will bring a different focus, one I think of rebuilding security, and personal values and hopefully an awareness and commitment to Mother Earth. Uranus will still be in Taurus so hopefully will help us not to fall back into old rigid ways.


The first eclipse in Summer on Dec 4 at 12 Sagittarius is a feistier affair. Here we have a Sagittarius moon which can be very assertive and loves freedom and independence.

The ruler of this moon is Jupiter in Aquarius at the time squaring Mars in Scorpio. I think this could be a time when anger that has been submerged is given the thrust it needs to surface. We will also have Pluto and Venus sextile this Mars so this could be the time where impassioned people let the oppressors know what they want. People may use the law to aid them as the urge to freedom becomes more pronounced. This conflict has the potential to run until the end of December when Saturn and Uranus make their final exact square for 2021.


January sees Jupiter enter Pisces, giving the Pisces energy a focus as two outer planets, both rulers of Pisces are journeying through the sign. This again is a very different energy to the previous two years. Pisces is a gentle energy, a compassionate energy, an artistic energy but an unfocussed, vague and boundaryless energy. This could allow us the healing we need to leave behind the harsh fanatical oppressive energy of 2021. The collective could just be exhausted and need the summer to just relax.

Chiron the planet of healing does touch Saturn first then Uranus offering an opportunity to settle the divisions that have been created in 2021, its ours to take up or discard.

Jupiter will sextile Uranus in February which could bring quite unexpected legal cases or upheaval on a grand scale to alert us that it is time to refocus and that it is unlikely we will “go back to normal” but build a new normal. This configuration often releases built up tensions and paves the way for change.

Pisces is an energy of enormous vision, and being guided by its dual rulers, it would be fantastic at this point if humanity started to create new visions for the planet and its people to live in a harmonious way that walked gently on the Earth. Sounds idealistic or too Utopian, well we are backed in the heavens with the most abundant and optimistic energy coupled with a visionary Neptune, that is not hindered by boundaries. Both these energies can see well beyond the tried and true. It’s time those of vision and courage stepped forward as the structures of the foundation of our societies are very weakened.

Pisces also deals with deception, fraud, and illegality and instead of allowing this to thrive in our world, maybe this is a time to bring justice to the people most affected by these activities.

This is a summer with an ominous beginning but settles into a period of hope and new insight or chaos and disillusion. It also can be a time when we are just tired, tired of what has gone before and there is the opportunity to rest and reawaken in mid -February to reset the order of the new ways.


Blessed be

Lyndall McQuinn