Winter Astrology 2014

June 3, 2014

There are two ritual periods in winter. The Winter Solstice, darkest day on June 21, which is a beautiful time to delve your inner depths or just spend time with your inner world and on August one Lammas. Astrologically this is a Leo ritual, so sumptuous feasting and dramatic games or performance is called for on August one to celebrate the reemergence into spring.


The first full moon of winter falls in your sign. It is your turn for illumination and maybe its time to take a break; or at least dream of new ventures. Pressure can tend to be off for the moment, so exercise, rest and cruising sounds like a plan.


Winter may be your time for a vacation as well or to start your plans which have been incubating over autumn. The major planets that would be causing disturbance tend to either support you and get you on the move or send tiny ripples your way. Everything is manageable.


Saturn is moving very slowly in Scorpio over winter and this will directly affect those born November 9 to 11. Saturn tends to restrict our efforts and forces us to restructure. You may well think the restructuring is already over but a reminder period follows to make sure everything is exactly in place.


Plodding, plodding the slowness of pace can be coming from across the wheel from Saturn. Stay focused, keep doing what you do. This is a time of perseverance which is actually one of your strong points. Be aware of lost opportunities in mid July.


Librains will be functioning in two groups. The revolutionary energy of change that can liberate your life is rocketing across from Aries affecting the Librians born 7, 8 or 9 of Oct. Exciting, brash and surprising relationships developing.

Later Librians born Oct 13 to 18 have the north node blessing their path. The node often edges us in positive life directions


The awakening Aries with their first encounter with Uranus- those born April 5,6 and 7, will be bolt upright and alert; changes coming your way. Those Aries born before these dates are still trying to land after the whirlwind that has shaken up their path. Arians born after these dates, next year is your time. Watch for déjà vu events, people or situations through out winter. The past can shed more light than the future.


Feeling better. The access to new ways of perceiving things has been very useful and can now be put into place quietly. Quietly is your word for winter, this is productive but gently so. New healing ventures are likely to work out well for those Virgos born September 8 and 9.


There are definitely two groups of fishing swimming in very different directions at present. Early degree Pisces have swum into fog. The easiest way to deal with the fog is to stay in the present. Day by day, this fog is also very visionary so dreams can be telling. Create without direction.

The second school of later Pisces is feeling clear, very clear and many old wounds are just not present anymore.


This winter is your time for creating dreams and moving with opportunity. Jupiter is coming into Leo in mid July and this energy will help open many new options. The full moon in Aquarius in August will give you time to reflect and see the human element involved in your projects.


You too are on the move, if you can ground your plans. Mid winter is a mixture: of time when you have opportunities to manifest your ideas ,which will help with the frustration of procrastination. It is also a time when the big ideals become bigger. A balance between the two could keep you happy.


Farewell to Jupiter in July. Well you have had your twelve months of expansion, how does it look? The full moon in July will be an opportunity to reveal the rewards of the past year and the lessons. We know your lessons are emotion based. Moving forward at least will give you more time to think things through.


Full moon for you in July, good time to stock take your life. By now nearly half of you have had the Pluto visit to totally shake your life up. Many of you have found a depth you never knew existed. As most of you don’t love change unless you instigate it, well life can be a challenge.

Winter is a time of stillness and inward reflection. It can also be a time of rest. Good idea to flow with the season.

Lyndall McQuinn