winter astrology 2018

June 4, 2018


It’s exciting times. Both major outer planetary shifts have occurred, Chiron has moved into Aries in Autumn and Uranus is now in Taurus. When we enter new cycles there is usually a bit of turbulence until we adjust. So we may expect to wobble into winter but unless we are directly affected by these energies we could assume life will settle. One thing I am hearing everywhere is how fast we are travelling. So buckle up and find your inner peace.


Aries you have one of the new energy shifts into your sign, and you are also farewelling Uranus who for the last eight years has brought turbulence and liberation to your life. So it might be a relief to have the quieter energy of Chiron however this energy does confront us on our issues. Aries born 21 to 23rd of March have the greatest effects.


Taurus you have Uranus entering and bustling those born April 21 to 24. Taurus is not a fast changing energy and Uranus is probably the fastest energy for change so this might not go so well. One thing is for certain change is coming your way Taurus albeit slowly over the next eight years. No more whining about nothing ever alters.


Gemini fast but effective I would think winter is for you. You have a Dark Moon in Gemini; always good for a soul search . The Sun and Mercury begin in your sign in winter so plenty of ideas and others to communicate with and Mars is spending a lot of time in Aquarius in winter so that influence can flow down to you and keep you motivated and busy. Just what you like.


Cancer life is a plod. You have a Dark Moon in your sign in July with a partial eclipse and many influences coming across the wheel from Capricorn. So both Pluto and Saturn oppose you. They are a heavy-duty pair and seeing they are in opposition, it’s often not your doing but other people’s stuff you have to deal with. Not so easy for you to keep your life in a rhythmic pattern..


Leo your lamp is burning low; winter seems like a reflection time for you. Mercury will turn retrograde in Leo in July and August so many things you thought were in place may have to be rethought Also Mars is opposite in Aquarius and is sticking around over a couple of months so that means your usual placid demeanor is stretched to its limits and keeping your cool may be a bit much to ask. The final Dark Moon of winter in August, also with a partial eclipse, may be the time you finally feel things are sorted the way you’d like.


Virgo you are quiet and seem to be keeping out of harm’s way. Some of you may be a little confused about where to from here but generally the earthy connections from Capricorn of Saturn; which is likely to help get you organised rather than over organised and Pluto which brings you into contact with empowered others who encourage you add a confidence you don’t often have.


Libra you can be pressured from all sides. The Chiron transit will shine across the wheel from Aries and throw some healing light on your life, at present on the early born Librians; whilst Saturn is pushing you to be realistic and grounded and for others; Pluto is bringing in deep relationships that can be intense and powerful. So there are groups of Libras each with their own set of challenges.


Scorpio; your big news story is Jupiter, planet of luck and abundance is moving through Scorpio and over winter it is going to sit still on 13 degrees for the whole month of July. That means if you are born on Nov 7 and to a lesser extent Nov 6 or 8, this is a very expansive period. Try your luck.


Sagittarius you are missing in action somewhere. No highs, no lows just plenty of action which suits you really. This might be the time to head to the warmth or try a few of your crazy plans that come and go on a regular basis. There are influences around but none of them really call you to a halt.


Capricorn you are working hard at present with two major planets working their way through your sign. The Capricorns affected by Saturn who rules you, are likely to be very busy with way too much responsibility but deep down life is going somewhere. Just make sure it’s where you desire. Those born on Dec 24 to 29 you may be rehashing projects that you thought were well and truly done with. The Pluto affected Capricorns, those born on Jan 9 to 12 life is more than responsible, it’s intense and you may not feel life is in your control, which doesn’t suit you at all. The Full Moon in June shines in your sign throwing light on life.


Aquarius you will love this winter. Mars has decided to turn retrograde in your sign and stay there for nearly all winter. So don’t spend the time being annoyed with everyone and the world as well; use the momentum of Mars to get your big picture on the ground and happening. Mars equals drive so lets be driven in whatever way suits. Full Moon in July with eclipse will show you flaws in your plans.


Pisces you only have Neptune left in your sign. The wounded ways are down. Neptune creates confused visions but is really moving very slowly and only effecting Pisceans born March 5 to 8. For them it’s a confusion of who I am and want am I doing. The rest of Pisces is feeling organised and free to float into which every direction they choose. Full Moon in your sign at the end of winter sets you up for new vision in Spring.



Love and blessings Lyndall.