June 2, 2020


The winter months of 2020 are equally as interesting as the autumn months but with a different flavor of course.

GEMINI /SAGITTARIUS. The major new comer into the picture is Gemini. The nodes are now moving in a retrograde motion back through Gemini and their cycle through a sign takes approximately eighteen months.

So over the next eighteen months Gemini will alter directions as if destiny is turning the wheel of their life while Sagittarians will resolve past burdens as the south node will journey through Sagittarius.

June will begin with a full moon in Sagittarius with a lunar eclipse pressing the fifteenth degree so this too affects the Sagittarius/Gemini axis so those born from the 6 to 8 of December may expect a jump start to winter and the Gemini’s who have birthdays on these eclipse dates June 5,6,7 can expect a surge of new awareness.

Venus is also retrograde in Gemini for a period of 40 days, sounds biblical, like being lost in the desert. This desert though is a desert of desire, which began at 21 degrees of Gemini in May and will travel back to 5 degrees where it turns again ready to retrace its motion after a short rest on 5 degrees. So what’s this about?   This affects nearly all Gemini’s directly and Sagittarius from across the wheel. So Sagittarius, maybe your partners are moving you onward and pressing for rapid changes. Sagittarius likes this too, it’s the going over old ground they may not like.

Venus is about what we wish to attract and manifest. Any time our planets retrace their motion, which is quite often, we tend to rework what we have already initiated; it’s a second glance at various degrees. In a sign like Gemini it makes for many ideas and projects with the difference of these concepts are quite within reach. Maybe the lesson is to not diversify too much keep the base plan in place. Venus attracts beauty so reorder and add the beauty is a good proposal. The retrograde makes you go over the details.


June 21 the beginning of Cancer marks another major astrological event. There are three significant factors here. One it’s the solstice, the longest day, this is always a power time and a great time to retreat. Secondly we have another solar eclipse, on zero degrees of Cancer. Eclipses too are power times often marking periods of profound change. And thirdly Jupiter comes back to join Pluto in Capricorn where it was in March, for its second hit. We are now focused on the Cancer/Capricorn axis. This time is not as huge as March equinox was but it is sizable.

Jupiter and Pluto speak to us about power, how will we use our power, or how do we deal with people in power or I feel powerless or all of the above. Cancer and Capricorn are right in the thick of these issues.

Sparks fly off to ARIES/LIBRA all be it they have some distance.  Globally we are dealing with power in its many forms and we can see it in our way of life.  We are all squawking about power. Who is leading well? Who wants to make laws that everybody should adhere too? What are the appropriate laws?

Cancer and Capricorn highlight where the battle is? The domestic home scene of how the people live reflects Cancer versus the society and its structures represented by Capricorn.  Add the voices of Aries the independents and Libra the rights of the people and we see a cardinal battle of changes to power bases. This can operate personally or in the broader community.

SATURN returns to Capricorn in July. We have had a break from the Saturn energy that locked us down when it joined Jupiter and Pluto around January until March. Saturn has been in Aquarius where it has begun to influence the new ideas for humanity by helping to ground a bigger Aquarian picture. Lets hope its return to Capricorn until December doesn’t lock us up again but helps to rebuild the society in differing ways. It will be closest to Pluto at the end of August so maybe we will be transforming new concepts into what we are rebuilding. As Saturn is also retrograde Capricorns born January 16 to 20 may find their lives are totally refurbished.

AQUARIUS/LEO Saturn’s journey into Aquarius in autumn gave you a glimpse of what is possible in the future. You might be on hold throughout winter but certainly you have seen what you’re capable of.  There is a general enthusiasm for what’s ahead.

TAURUS/SCORPIO your story is playing out in totally different paradigm. Uranus and Chiron are travelling over new degrees in aspect together thus creating new cycles, Uranus is in Taurus thus opposite some Scorpios, is the planet that creates changes and rebellion.  The Capricorn debacle is also flowing into your signs so you can be relatively unaffected and open to the amount of changes this offers you if you have the flexibility to hit the ground running.  The degree of change is significant if you will move to action. Scorpio, also  to a lesser degree but there are opportunities there for you too. Don’t wait for the revolution.


In these signs is the silent story. What is Neptune up too? Neptune is so slowly inching its way over the twentieth degree of Pisces, so confusing those Pisces born on March 10 to 12. It gets to 19 degrees by end of winter. Jupiter and Pluto are making a sextile to Neptune which is slightly altering the perspectives on the Capricorn story. We need to be aware of these changing perspectives because we could easily overlook the subtle underbelly. Neptune works within the veils of realities, it makes us ask; have we got the correct perspective especially on the health situation? Pisces/ Virgo is the health axis in astrology. Information here could alter all the time. Instead of powerfully jumping on action, maybe a moment to interpret what is actually known and what is lying hidden would help. Reflection is Neptune’s greatest gift and aligned with the power duo, Jupiter/Pluto then it offers profound insights.

Winter is always a time of reflection. In this winter we have seven planets in retrograde/reflection motion.  As we move forward in this time of resetting our way of life, we can look forwards as well as behind. It doesn’t hinder to see what has gone before and what may not have worked. There will be times of fast and furious motion to come. So moving forward patiently is possible wise.


Blessed be Lyndall McQuinn.