May 29, 2021


Winter’s big story is Jupiter moving into Pisces, just for the briefest of visits, moving back into Aquarius by the end of July and retracing it steps over those born in late Aquarius. Jupiter is considered the planet of luck and optimism, but it is also an energy that expands whatever it contacts.So, if you missed your opportunities the first time, they reappear for Aquarians born Feb 11 to Feb 18. Double the luck for you.

I am loving Saturn following behind Jupiter, although it has turned retrograde back over some Aquarian degrees until November. Saturn will nurture some of the seeds Jupiter has inspired Aquarians with over the past six months. Expect results Aquarius, you may feel more grounded and your overall plans are beginning to land.
There are also two full moons in Aquarius over winter, one on July 24 and one on Aug 22nd, which is called the Blue Moon. So full light to you Aquarius, it is time for new plans, big ideas and non-conventional changes. Be unafraid to lead the charge into new structures for humanity.
Back to Pisces with Jupiter coming your way and Neptune having been in your sign for many years, you have both your rulers in your sign. Surely this is a great inspiration for your belief in the creative elements of self. It is time to leave all doubt behind and surround yourself with people who support your belief in yourself and create. Your visions are a wonder, leave the expectations of how and when they could be achieved and ride the intuitive currents that you rely on.
Aries is admonishing a Mars/Pluto opposition in cardinal signs at the beginning of winter, which reflects family and career issues. This focuses on the inner world. Personally, you may be digging wounded areas of life, giving insight into the storylines rolling through your life right now. The awareness is broader than you thought. This can affect your security and friendships.
Push, pull Taurus. You want change and you don’t like change and you are feeling restricted in the structures of your life and you know if you could just learn a little more your whole paradigm would shift. There is a tussle between frustration and liberation with the focus being on having the courage to make big changes. By breaking down the barriers you hold yourself in, lies the path to liberation. Those barriers though are built on unresolved issues.
On alert Gemini, you will be eclipsed on the dark moon of June 10 so new depths are stirring, you have to wait until the full moon on June 25 to get an inkling of what this is about. The nodes are still travelling through your sign so all of you at some stage are contemplating directions and leaving pasts behind. Mercury is also retrograde in Gemini in June which makes an extremely mentally active sign, rethinking many plans. This is not wasted time, it’s about expanding your ideas to be sure they will fruit, or sifting through those that you know won’t work.
Cancer you also start winter with the Mars/Pluto opposition which can make you more cranky than usual and can create tensions in relationships to others. You really feel like ME time, and unexpected circumstances from friends and work colleagues can really get you thinking about what you desire. Joint business ventures can excite and restrict you.
Leo dreams of changes in careers or directions. There can be hidden annoyances by work colleagues especially regarding financial matters or restrictions placed on your life by partners. Or it just maybe an underlying desire to liberate and create a new Leo dream. Meeting new people opens the doors to options but consistency towards new plans can be hard to manage.
Virgo your biggest influences come from the Pisces rulers across the heavens from you however they may confuse you and make you uncertain about the motives of others. You love the inspiration but need to bring it into your framework to create. The nodes also square you briefly so an objective evaluation of where you have been and where too may surface. Late winter all the personal planets are in Virgo, so that will refresh your being.
Libra you are inspired to get your work happening with many new ideas for creating and establishing a solid base to present from. You have a disciple and a drive which can often elude you. Its only when you look for others to either collude with or lead that you become confused. Stick with the plan. For once don’t let troublesome relationships dominate your directions.
Scorpio, your world is all about the others. Either unexpected situations or family plans both expansive and restrictive seem to intrude on your world. What you take from this is a new vision of your roles in peoples’ lives and how busy you are taking care of others. Even though you may wish for your solitude.
Sagittarius, reorientation is your word for winter. There can be many things shifting around in your actual world and your visionary world also. Finances and setting up security may be a conflict zone whilst where you may want to live can be shifting around. There are many opportunities within the community you are living which are beginning to take root that challenges your restless tendencies. Unexpected work opportunities also root you to the one spot. Pasts can also be calling and resolving which is liberating your restrictions in relating.
 Stay warm, stay well.
Blessings Lyndall