School of Magical Practices

The SCHOOL OF MAGICAL PRACTICES is my dream to explore techniques, knowledge and research of the spirit world. I have spent most of my life exploring and studying this hidden world. Why I was so drawn to it; I do not know.

Maybe it was because my father delved very deeply into secret ritual with his freemasonry. At least it was secret to me. As a child I made many furtive attempts to decipher the ritual book. He was a great example actually. He lived long enough to become a Grand Master, initiate his protégé as the next Master, raised his voice for women to be admitted into the Lodge and then he passed.

So my life became a journey of exploring the tools of the spirit realms and the workings of the unseen mind. The teachers of these spirit subjects were often humble people found in very ordinary circumstances whose lives reflected the same amount of curiosity as mine did. Lone workers inspired by a world most people didn’t or couldn’t see, yet totally dedicated to the arts they adhered too.

This quiet world of the many forms of spirit has become more visible over the years. In the bid to find peace within ourselves we often stumble upon these teachings that take us inward. Maybe the path of the Inner Warrior chooses its own.

The School of Magical Practice is a space that allows the liberty to explore any reality that is deemed spiritual. Within this space knowledge does not have to fit into any set format or seek anyone’s approval to be judged.

It is here we create the labyrinth of learning.

Take any subject and there will be a certain amount of knowledge already established. As we learn and explore, the knowledge base expands throughout time. Each participant works from the established body of knowledge until they can open doorways for themselves and begin independent journeys of discovery of their own predilection.

The School of Magical Practices will run courses in Tarot, Shamanic Astrology, Shamanism.

These will be run online as a series of workshops which will be available for purchase from this website.

Lyndall will also run her retreats.



Building your Inner Temple

A mix of Astrology, Tarot and Shamanism


Astrological Temples


Astrological Temples

A focus of temple work using whichever outer planetary energy is most prominent at the time

Tarot Quest


The Tarot Quest

Four tarot readings guiding towards manifesting the next twelve months


All great thinkers are out of step with the times they live in.
They need to be able to think outside the square.
Only by thinking outside the square
Can they create the vision required to see how situations can be changed.
The path leaves the wayfarer feeling isolated and frustrated.
Wondering why they exist in the era at all.

Lyndall McQuinn