June 15, 2020

Sitting,  listening to many words of wisdom at the 2019 Canberra Writers Festival it dawned on me the majority of people present and interested in what was happening in our country and the world were women, many aged post fifty. I got to thinking what would it be like if this demographic became mobilised.

In our times of change often we feel alone and isolated in finding a way to create change or to be heard. In this workshop I will be discussing ways of creating empowerment using the structure of covens.  Covens are Wiccan based groups for action and spirit. Covens are based on self -learning and empowerment and taking action in a supported way.

I will discuss

  • Governance of the coven.
  • Roles for everyone.
  • Selecting issues.
  • Methods on how to be heard.
  • Conflict resolutions