November 1, 2020



The astrological houses tell us much about our attitudes towards areas of our life. The sign on each of these houses is important as it influences our ways of perceiving and reacting to the content within the house.

The creating of house profiles asks us to view the sign on the cusp regardless of planets in the house or not. Empty houses are not dead houses, they still tell us how we reflect on the subject matter of the house.  Interpreting each house by the sign on the cusp creates a base of your wheel.

The houses can be likened to the rooms of the chart and by entering and decorating each room; by rehearsing the sign on each cusp and how that may colour your view of a particular concept of life lays the foundation of how you respond to life events.

Some houses you will view through the element of fire, which will indicate houses of vision and action. The water houses will illicit an emotional response whereas the earth houses will be your pragmatic and practical life areas. That leaves the air houses where you will be thoughtful and analytical. There will be three houses for every element.

In each chart there will be three crosses, each cross reflecting a mode; or the way energy moves in that area of the chart. Therefore, four houses will have fixed signs on the cusps, that will indicate a stable or maybe restricted approach to life. Four will be cardinal indicating striving and the areas of life where you like changes. Cardinality often results in restlessness and desire for movement. Four will be mutable houses where you are more fluid and perhaps less focussed or even uncertain in the approach to that area of life.

Providing there are no interceptions the zodiac signs will be represented on one of each of the twelve houses. Interceptions mean two houses may have the same sign on the cusp and this will encompass four houses in total as the two opposing houses will also have the dual sign. This interesting phenomenon can be incorporated into the profiles work because it will mean you have two houses where your approach is the same.

Working with the meditation of Creating Profiles where our houses are likened to the rooms of a castle- (needed to be big to fit twelve houses), we slowly enter each house via the cusp sign and respond to questions that delve each house’s content.

Working on video makes it difficult to progress at the correct pace for everyone but my suggestion is not to do the whole twelve houses in one sitting but to work much more slowly which can be done by pausing the video. Recording the whole journey through the houses of the chart lays the foundation to add the next layer of planetary interpretations, these strengthen and give us characters for particular houses.

Creating Profiles is part-two of Astrological Houses video purchased from my shop.