April 25, 2010

Once we have become centered in ourselves and aware of the patterning of how we create our lives, we can then make choices.

These choices involve how and when we want to interact in the world.

A shaman has the choice of operating within the agreed reality, (see healing) or operating from within the realms of the unseen.

A shaman can live in many realities.

The way of the shaman involves five vital steps.

  • 1. Learning to observe what is actually happening.
  • 2. Deciphering what is the soul reasoning going on behind the situations. Why are situations occurring?
  • 3. Everything is changing and everything does change. So much of our difficulty is caused by resistance to change.
  • 4. Time for action or how do you want to step into situations. Taking steps to alter the course of energy flows
  • 5. Universal response. Wait and see what comes back. Change takes time.

Shamanism has taught me to observe the direction life is flowing, listen to the flow of energy. Once you can determine where the flow is going, blend yourself into that flow. Paddle your canoe with the flow of the river not against it.

Lyndall teaches three courses in Shamanism:

Shamanism 1

Shamanism : Getting to know the Inner Terrain

Shamanic Astrology

Blessed be
Lyndall McQuinn.