June 2, 2020


Every perception and concept we acquire about our lives comes from the way we perceive it. The way we interpret what others have said, done or acted. All comes back to how we perceive. Perception is not only connected to our actual seeing, it also relates to how we then interpret what we have seen or heard. Understanding the way we vision and how we interpret what we are seeing is the beginning of creating awareness of our own realities.

As with many aspects of shamanism, vision can be studied in triplicates. What makes up our vision? Is it just what we actually see or does a history exist behind how we see things?  The history reflects how we have experienced situations and how we have been taught creating a back -log of perceiving our lives.

To begin to working with vision stand in your centre.

Let your feet push down into the earth and feel the mother below. Feel all your bodies come together at the core centre, heart and third eye. This is the NOW of where we are at any minute in a day, the place I locate as the middle space.

NOW can be a strong, focused centre or it can be very messy but it is the NOW. Its not neither ten minutes later nor any time before.

Behind the NOW in the back- space is the history, a lot of which is unconscious. The history stretches out behind us and visits us in our dreams to try to help us bring the knowledge of the history to consciousness. The history has gathered all our life -time experiences and held them in an unconscious and maybe a little conscious bubble. This is what we react and project from. The dreams of the night are tapping into the history, to throw symbolic images forward to help us assimilate and bring to awareness pieces of our projected puzzle we need to integrate.

Our front –space is our projections of what we want. Where we can see our life progressing too. This is a conscious dreaming space. We often have an awareness of what we are trying to achieve or wish for even if it seems impossible and unreachable. Some people totally stretch forward into the future space feeling extremely frustrated and unsupported by the NOW.  It is well worth being conscious of what is happening in the front space. This is where we are in charge of the manifestation of the goals.

Our perception is the dance of these three states of seeing. We may be indulging in a wonderful conscious dreaming but if our historical dreaming is haunted, it will intervene on the conscious dreaming until we clear out the obstacles or the way we have perceived in the past. Often the situations of the NOW are supporting the growth and change between the other two projecting spaces.

We exist in a constant fluctuation between these visionary states.  In the NOW we centre, projecting forward to the future but always being checked by the history of the back space.

The first steps in a visionary practice is to create a centre space within the mind just like we did in the body, we create the centre of the mind which is what we hold in the NOW. To do this we need to be comfortably seated and go inside and allow a space of contemplation to surround you. Cast a circle  of colour around this space and you can even decorate the interior with a room or cave or whatever is your cosy, protected inner mind space. You can use this space for things other than visioning. I like to sleep in mine or if I’m unwell I tuck up in it, like parking the thinking mind in a peaceful, gentle space that supports you.

From this central space we send the visionary on its journey and we always return to this space before resuming life activities. It is good to return, recap, take stock of what new insights are gained and shut down the space.


To delve within the historical aspects I choose a method that simply casts my consciousness backwards, liking throwing a rope with an anchor back into the past to see where it lands and what memory it loosens.  I explore the memory then cast again.  There is generally a link between each of these events to the current one I am exploring. Just by asking what is important from the past to NOW is a profound exercise.


Another past dreaming which is fascinating is past life dreaming. We can throw our rope far past this one linear realm that we have lived.  Our contact to pasts occurs all our life and once we are aware of the stories unfolding throughout our lives, as we age we begin to fill in the chapters of what a particular past life is about. These stories start appearing very early in our live by places we love to see photos of or places we have a deep affinity with and maybe they become a part of our front-space goal setting.  I have to go to Egypt or such thoughts. However often if we look back we already know the energy and story of the place.  We may meet people who influence us deeply either by their conversations and knowledge or by conflict which takes us into fantasies which tell us a story we know is familiar, maybe even the patterns run still in the current life.

We may find that various pieces of a story fill in over many years throughout a life.

EXAMPLES: I had an aunty that I loved who was a fabulous cook. I always felt I knew her. So I did a vision into our relationship in other times.

Vision when I was in my 20’s so early 1980’s

I was a shepherd boy alone in extremely high alps watching my flock of sheep. I found or was taken into a passageway that led into the mountains. Once I was in there I found a whole community in there of which my aunty was the cook for many of us young boys. We were kidnapped by a group of people who flew in from elsewhere and we were their slaves. My task was to work for a man who opened the roof of his room and studied the heavens. This race of men flew in and out of these mountains. The inner mountain was full of computer type machines. I was lucky because this man taught me to read and I took his observations of the heavens when he wasn’t around. I often wondered whether my family missed me and what became of our sheep? Not to mention who the hell were these people. There appearance was tall men in a particular uniform.

As you can see this was a far out vision in its time. A foreign race living in the mountains flying in and out of the planet, and I felt certain of the connection to my aunty and the fact that I am an astrologer may have come from this.

Around 2013 I found on the internet a report of a secret discovery of a city built under the Bucegi Mountains in Romania. The military of America and Romania  were apparently keeping this discovery secret. I contacted the person who had reported on the discovery and told them of my vision. They sent me back book titles on the topic of the Transylvania Shepherd Boys who were trained in the mountains with shamans.  This was astounding to me.

Throughout my life I have many stories from various parts of the world that lie in my consciousness. I have travelled to many of these places and I believe we travel to rekindle the memories of the places we have lived. It’s not uncommon to land and feel like you have arrived home.

To set up past life visioning, I often set up a picture board of the city or place. I become familiar with the terrain. Then I journey into the pictures or city and follow what unfolds for me there.


Following an image of yourself into a setting is another visionary technique. This is a great technique when you have no idea of a situation, direction or issue. It allows the mind to wander into the land of symbols and feed them back to you. This is a journey into the front space.  In the example above I have clearly set the environment. I have a vision board of a certain place thus trying to create the energy of the place to awaken the history in me.

In another method, from my altar space which is my centre space in my consciousness I send an image of myself forward into an unknown environment,  that I follow until it becomes clear, then I add a place within that environment and finally I add the being- person, animal. This structure I try to keep as loose as possible, letting the mind fill me with a circumstance.

In these types of vision, the image of yourself can move through eras, you may not look like you do today. The environments can be anywhere as can be the structure or the being. The key to this visioning is allowing the mind to travel. Very often the consciousness behind the wandering figure is pushing to take control of the vision. It is hard to surrender to see.  This is the visionary mind moving forward into front space or maybe backwards again to historical space whilst seer holds centre space.



The third technique is a classic shamanic journey.  Take the form of a bird usually an eagle or something majestic, and take flight. Fabulous exercise in an aeroplane, window seat of course, this awakens the sense of getting an overview.  I use this technique when I’m not really looking for detail; I prefer a big picture. It’s like the skimming mind it has powerful wings, nothing is aware its there, there is a freedom to glide, circle around from an above vantage point or can travel distance. This can also be used to review a situation that you may have felt uncertain about. Then fly above and replay the meeting or conversation and see from the overview. There is a great limitless sensation that goes with this type of vision.



This technique is a magician’s technique.  It is used to call into your space a deity either a goddess or god or angel or spirit of person you know.  The reasoning behind doing this is to create a conversation or to ask questions or to be in the presence of reverence. It is wise practice here to set a space or circle of power for the invoked being to inhabit whilst they are in your presence especially whilst you are learning.

To invoke you “call in” the being. Calling in may involve a prayer or a special request that you word in a particular way.  It is usually very respectful and allows time for the energy of the invoked being to enter.

Once the visitor has arrived you can either guide the interaction yourself by questions or blessings or you can allow a moment for them to surprise you with what they may have to report. At the conclusion there is usually an exchange of gifts that can be a symbol or verbal agreements and then the being is banished or released.

This is a more complex technique than the aforementioned. There is a need for caution with this technique. You need to be very clear who you are calling into your space and that they leave. Always place the being in a boundary so if you become uncomfortable you can dismiss the being and return via your own protected mind centre.

Being aware of our vision and how it can help us is a useful tool to traversing the inner mind. Not all aspects of situations are conscious and it is helpful to take a moment to look in other ways. The dreams of our sleep do this for us but we don’t need to be sleeping. We can take a deeper look at any time.