January 15, 2021

The Major Arcana represents a journey which interacts with self-awareness and the lessons of a conscious life. We begin with our trust in the Fool and progress through 22 stages to complete with the World

This journey can be viewed as a series of steps along a path too illumination or a group of archetypes that reflect inner sanctums within each of us. These characters have reflected life experiences to their readers for generations and still the messages stay relevant.

There are so many characters in this journey, some loved like the High Priestess, Empress and the Star others feared, the Devil, Death and the Tower. Each one of this major cards is a study in itself. They arrive in our readings to give us an over view of the stage of learning we are experiencing at the time of reading.

In this workshop Lyndall will delve into these characters and view ways of grouping the series of learnings that is held within the power of the Major Arcana.This is a beginner workshop aimed at introducing the Major Arcana.

February 21st -online

2 to 4pm

Cost $80