DARK NIGHT OF THE SOUL- From Hanged One to Devil

November 2, 2020


This workshop was one of my favourite workshops to teach.

These Tarot cards are so often portrayed in movies and create drama in the public domain. Maybe because of their names, Death and Devil are associated with taboo subjects which evoke fear and the Hanged One often depicted by a person hanging upside down is a confronting image. Temperance sits in amongst this trio to bring balance to the story.

The dedicated student of the tarot upon reaching this part of the Major Arcana journey is slowed down here, there is no quick passage through the understandings of the concepts of these cards portray.

The Hanged One means we stop and turn our lives upside down, usually because of some deep wounding that asks us turn inward and explore greater wisdoms.

Death then allows us to grieve, let go and transform; this too takes time.

Temperance is the time of rebalancing and learning to join ourselves back to wholeness only to confront the

Devil, the challenger of our greed, our lust, our ambition and teaches us how to build power in a non destructive fashion.

These are big lessons these cards are illumining, which is why we meet them later in the Major Arcana journey. By the time we reach them we have built our character and have developed our self awareness and working with these cards we are sourcing deeply into our own unconscious behaviours.

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