Tarot for Life Coaching

August 16, 2019

A Tarot Deck becomes your best friend. The beautifully crafted images join with your consciousness to relay the story of your conscious and unconscious realities. This is not an instance of the “tarot made me do it”, but rather a relationship of a reliable old friend that can place the inner turmoil outside so you can view the story via imagery.

There is not a power imbalance between the tarot and the reader. The reader is allowed to have a healthy say in the choices that the tarot portrays. When issues arise in our lives there is often more than one decision in the process of coming to terms with the crisis or bringing ourselves to balance with our changes. The tarot is perfect to walk us through these processes.

Tarot for life coaching focusses on the idea that we don’t need to live in outcomes, instead we can embrace the journey we are walking and see the tarot as a tool that helps us clarify the decisions that we are making. Each decision we make creates new possibilities to manifest. These possibilities have many variable pathways refuting the idea that there is one right path or a right person. In truth there are many pathways with differing experiences and many people that all create different learning for us.

We choose. We choose the path, we choose the people, we choose our reactions. Change walks with us if we wish to engage with it. It presents as a choice. Tarot helps us see the variety of options, it also helps us see the patterns that we tend to trend and repeat. It can help us reframe the patterns and choose different ideas regarding our lifestyles.

This means that we need a tarot deck we love and whose images we can see ourselves in. Your deck will hold your energy and will relay meaning to you about the journey of life even if books don’t have the same meanings. The art of learning tarot is about creating relationship to the set of images. Learning to hear what they reflect to you in your own psychic language.

Tarot for Life Coaching changes our concept of how we read. We do not have to know outcomes. Instead we can view our clients as where they are in their life process and how can we aid their progress. We can offer clear decision making and strategy over a period of many of life’s lessons.