August 14, 2021

I am really excited about my latest workshop entitled.


Creativity or Chaos

Pisces is our dreamer. In 2022 both rulers will be travelling through Pisces becoming conjunct in APRIL 2022.  Join Lyndall as she dreams her way through the dual rulership of Jupiter and Neptune in Pisces. Lyndall will discuss the similarities and differences in the two rulers. Then study where the potential visions are held within your chart, shining the light on your creativity or chaos. We will look at where natal Neptune is and how that functions as your dreamer, is this the place of manifestation? And where the house of Pisces is as these two planets are travelling through this house.  Which area of life you are dreaming about?

This workshop will have use visioning techniques to access information in your charts. What is the difference between Neptune as the veil of vision and Jupiter as the veil?

DATE: SEPT 26                  2 TO 4 PM                          COST $80