June 1, 2019


WINTER MARKS A PERIOD WHERE we are influenced by many retrograde planetary stories. When a planet is viewed as retrograde it appears to be in a backward motion as viewed from Earth. By winter’s end all the outer planets will be in retrograde motion and Mercury will be retrograde from early July to early August. In fact July is a pivotal month in the year as we also have two eclipses effecting this month. What does this mean, maybe we feel like we are going backwards. 

Cancer you will be part of the focus of the retrograde Mercury, so many of you may rehash your thoughts and plans as all the personal planets move through your sign over winter. This could prove to be a total recasting of your life and how you see your self within it.  The eclipse on July 3rdalso adds a wake up element especially to those born on July 2, 3 and 4.

Capricorn you are pressing on with the slow march of Saturn, Pluto and South node conjunction in your sign digging up bombshells from the past and transforming the present in ways you didn’t believe possible.  Are you managing to stay in control? I have my doubts, as your boundaries are continuously debunked.  Your eclipse is on the full moon of July 17 and will illuminate what new boundaries are required.

Leo you also have a Mercury retrograding in your sign during July so for you to there can be a rethink of your plans. You have a mixed message through winter. New philosophies and projects of spirit can flow fast and enthusiastically but just when you think you are ecstatic with the process, sudden changes can cause a cautionary change of pace. This unforeseen change can often be around the finances.

 Aquarius, what is that shadow that is making you less optimistic than you usually are? Nothing a few interactions with friends cant shift but you could have some basic needs that are calling for attention.  Where do you want to reside and how much money do you need?  It also could be a time of dealing with family situations that surface abruptly and call for your wise counsel.

Virgo you have been humming along but you have to be very careful you don’t begin to live someone elses’ dream. It’s easy for you to run to the service of others but really you have been doing well on your own projects.  Your role in your community can be expansive now. It may be hard to find the time to discipline yourself to your own creative goals.

Pisces may feel lost in the fog as many of the significant people in your life switch roles. They may not be who you thought them to be. Often this can cause you to loose yourself but really it is showing you a glimpse of yourself through a different lens. Its time to heal your insecurities and maybe change the communities you mix in. New community and plenty of career options lead you out of the confusion.

Libra, it’s time to create new visions in your work and community. This can be a time when your philosophy and your career can actually come together.  The exciting new people whom you want to love are actually in your work arena whilst the old issues with the family and lovers can move to a healing paradigm.

Opportunities may ask you to move locations.

Aries, you are ready for profound career changes. Old issues that have haunted you in career paths are over. You are ready to take the reins and move mountains. Sudden financial offers that may include travel are very appealing. For the moment the “other “ holds little interest and you sit on the brink of visualisng your ultimate dreams.

Scorpio although you are not quick to trust others, there can be sudden interests worming their way into your consciousness. You are in the mood for love affairs and the energies are set to bring them in. So a happy match. There are also business opportunities that could be extremely beneficial. All this sounds very prosperous but don’t forget to take the time to give yourself the space you need.

Taurus changes, changes, turn and face the change. Not your favourite theme but it will be your story over the next eight years. So early born Taureans are feeling the change now. Others Taureans  are wanting to get on with business and take up new plans but the time required to study the fine print is tedious.  Review all agreements; past and present, although time is required the rewards can be sensational. 

Sagittarius Even though Sagittarius is feeling optimistic and expansive in themselves the reality of personal security keeps snapping at your heels.  Winter asks for a balance between the freedom to be who you are and the reality of how to exist. Work situations are full of surprises that keep you alert whilst for most of winter you would prefer to chill out at home. 

Gemini needs to take winter quietly. Enjoy the prospect of new and more committed relationships whilst you ponder what is the ideal career, how you can finance the goals that you have and heal the old patterns in friendships that leave you hurt and bored.  Independence is important but so is creating boundaries in how you relate.