December 7, 2020

Working in the Sacred Wheel


Lyndall journeys through three key phases of working in the Sacred Wheel. She begins by discussing the foundation of a basic ritual wheel. How to cast the wheel and the elemental component of the wheel.

She then moves onto Lunar Astrology and how a vital connection to the lunar energy can create an aware life. Working with the moons phases to create ritual and to plan each 28 day cycle, knowing when to begin projects and when to rest. Lyndall discusses the use of the moon calendar with regards to astrology signs breaking them down into modality and element and choosing via moon sign and phase best days to create action.

Shifting focus Lyndall concludes with viewing the natal astrology chart as your own personal sacred wheel with emphasis on the importance of the angles of the chart. She looks at the elemental make up of the astrology wheel and the modes of the two axis. She urges you to walk and experience your chart foundation and affirm each direction of the angles.

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